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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Day Out at Heatherton Theme Park, Pembrokeshire

On Danny's birthday, we popped to Heatherton Theme Park during the day.  Heatherton can be found on St Florence Road, Tenby (SA70 8RJ).  It's next to The Dinosaur Park and opposite Manor House Wildlife Park (also known as Anna's Welsh Zoo).  All three of these attractions are worth a visit if you're staying in the area. As his birthday fell during the Easter Holidays it was fairly busy so we parked in the overflow car park.  I actually prefer this car park as it has more room and it's closer to walk back to at the end of the day when the kids are tired. 

Heatherton offers free admission all year around, however that doesn't mean you're going to get a free day out, but it does mean that you only pay for the things you want to.  Before we went I had a look at the ride prices and worked out what rides Izzy (age 5) was old enough for and what rides I knew the older kids would want to go on and decided that the Family/Group Credit Pass  with 60 credits for £112 should be the best deal for us (any credits that we didn't use could be used within the next 6 months).

On arrival we walked through the underpass back to reception to buy our credit pass and the kids quickly planned out their day.  We decided to do everything on this side of the park first then everything "over the road" last.

First up, the kids went on the Bumper Boats.  I was impressed with how much time they were allowed on these.

Next the kids went on Pembrokeshire Raceway a huge 1/24 scale slot car track.

The kids (and grown ups) love competing on this. 

Danny and Izzy look at the old maze hedge designs.   We didn't go in the new maze but the trees were planted in 2015, so it's still a low height at the moment but already tricky apparently!

A highlight of the day at Heatherton is  Go-Karting.   There are Junior Go Karts for 7-14 year olds for just 1 credit.  

The Senior Go Karts are for age 14+ or over 1.5m tall and cost 3 credits.  Both activities last 7 minutes and all equipment is supplied.

Izzy isn't quite tall enough for the junior go karts yet!

First on the track were the senior go-karters- Danny and Lexy.  I had to cover my eyes occasionally!

Danny- too fast for a photo!

Next up were the junior Go-Karters Rebecca and Caitlyn.

Caitlyn loved this and drove confidently all the way around. 

Rebecca, on the other hand looked worried.  When she finished she confessed she was worried about her helmet falling off- it was all perfectly safe though.

After go-karting we went to Soft Ball (for ages 6 and up).  Hard ball is available for the over 10's.

We then took a break and had lunch in The Triangle Restaurant.  I had a lovely jacket potato.  There are picnic benches available too if you prefer to bring your own food.

Next we went to "Walking on Water".  There was a bit of a queue but it was worth it.  

The kids loved doing forward rolls across the water (look out for this in our video below).

Danny's main reason for visiting Heatherton is to try all the target games- he loves shooting and archery.  He doesn't get the chance to do this very often but when he does he rarely misses his target.  Here he is Laser Clay Shooting.

Caitlyn was pretty good at this too.

We then walked across the road (through the underpass) for the last part of the day.  Izzy's favourite ride was the Water Peddlerz (for ages 3-10).

She didn't want to come off!

Driving School is another good activity and almost as much fun to watch.

Surprisingly they managed to pass their driving test so look out!

Next it was a bumpy drive on the Mini Landrovers. 

More karting but this time on the Fox Pedal Karts.

Rebecca bounces high on the Giant Jumping Pillows (age 2 plus).  I can't wait to have a go on a quiet day.

Another drive on the Landrovers.

Danny and Caitlyn then did body zorbing- not for the faint hearted!  The aim is to knock your opponents over and it's meant to be a bit of a laugh but the kids get quite brutal on there so we'll only go on against family and friends next time to keep it friendly.

It was time to go home and we had credits left so Izzy and Rebecca went on the Water Peddlerz again.  Jo and Danny went back through the underpass for a last turn on the activities over there.

We had a great day and I'll definitely come here more often now the kids are older and able to make the most of their time here.  It's well worth a visit if you're holidaying in the area.

However, if you only have younger kids and their favourite activities are bumper boats, walking on water  ans softplay these are also available at The Dinosaur Park (and included in the price), so Heatherton is only worthwhile if a wide range of activities appeal to you.

There are many other activities available at Heatherton such as an indoor softplay, adventure golf, 18 hole golf, bowls and  Tree Tops and the Sky Tower  but we'll be back to try those on another day!  

Take a look at our video of the day below:

Have you been to Heatherton?  What's your favourite activity?


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