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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Fayre, Carmarthen

Last weekend Rebecca and I enjoyed a day in Carmarthen.  We got up to lots while there there which I'll include in a future post, but our first stop was to the Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Fayre:

The Town

Carmarthen is such a pretty town with only a short walk over the bridge to reach the shops and an extended walk to the multiplex cinema and restaurants, so it's great for a day out.

The River Towy.

The Court House, Guildhall Square.

A plaque to commemorate Plaid Cymru's first MP, Gwynfor Evans.

Walking towards Nott Square there is a statue of Sir William Nott, Carmarthen's favourite soldier (seen here in silhouette due to the light).

We accidentally stumbled across an event called "Soprano and Chalk on the Street" organised by Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru and Oriel Myrddin Gallery.  It was such a treat to listen to Jessica Robinson, a Welsh Soprano, sing opera overlooked by  Carmarthen Castle, while Rebecca made some chalk paintings.  Sadly we couldn't stay long as we had to get to the Vegan Festival (and we were getting hungry!). 

Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Fayre

The Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Fayre took place at St Peter's Civic Hall.  We usually walk around first and then on our second lap around decide where to spend our money.  On this occasion we were very hungry and both knew that we wanted vegan pizza so we went to see The Vegan Pizza Company straight away.  There were even "meaty" options available but we went for a Margherita (each!). 

As we waited for the pizza to cook we had a quick look round and couldn't wait to explore all the stalls.

Then we sat down to eat.  I had suggested to Rebecca that we share and then we could try other savoury dishes between us but she had other ideas!

The fresh pizza tasted delicious.  I will definitely try a different flavour next time now that I've had my vegan Margherita fix!

We were already full but then spotted vegan ice cream!  We couldn't resist.  I had a "snickers" flavoured tub.  It was the best flavour ice cream ever!

Rebecca had a chocolate mint flavoured tub.  These ice creams are available from The Palm Caye in Carmarthen which we will definitely be visiting on future visits here!

Next we sampled and purchased some of Shirley's Homemade Raw Chocolate.  As well as being vegan it's also free from gluten, soya, dairy and refined sugars and rich in antioxidants.  These are delicious and available in a variety of flavours all at a reasonable price.

Rebecca purchased a "Vegan" necklace from Ahh Lovely.  As suggested by the name, they sell lovely handmade gifts for every occasion.  

I love their aprons and Rebecca does need one for Guides.  However, we've planned to sew one together so I had to resist buying one!

We also bought home a couple of pies from Mr Nice Pie, cheese and onion pasties from Vegangala Rose Cakes, goodies from Heavenly Organics Skin Care (I love their body butters!) and some Flavour Fusion and cheese spread (so tasty!) from Good Carma Foods.  We also picked up a free copy of the Pembrokeshire Herald.  Sorry I haven't managed to mention and photograph everyone at the event.  Once again there were so many different stalls and lots of people there- it was a great success and I can't wait for the next one!

You can find out more about the Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Fayres, organised by Sue Thomas, on the Facebook Page.

Upcoming events taking place are:

 Penarth- Sunday 30th April

Cardiff - Sunday 7th May

Cardiff - Sunday 25th June 
Cardigan - Saturday 15th July
Penarth  - Sunday 16th July 
Cardiff- Sunday 30th July 

Tenby - Saturday 5th August 
Narberth (yay!) Saturday 12th August,2017 
Sunday 20th August YMCA Plas
Cardiff - Sunday 19th August

The entry price is usually £1 for adults and free for children.  Bring money and plan to eat there as there will be lots of vegan treats to tempt you!  There are also fundraising stalls for local animal rescue charities at each event too.


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