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Saturday, 1 April 2017

A First Look at the New Lush Spa in Cardiff

So many times I've been lying at home in a bath filled with Lush goodies wishing that there was a Lush Spa closer to me.  From yesterday, my wish has come true as Lush in Cardiff has moved to larger premises and opened their very own Spa- the very first one in Wales- how exciting!  On Thursday night, I went along to the pre-opening celebration to get a taste (or should that be a scent?) of the new store.  Take a look:

On arrival we were presented with very cool candyfloss drinks and as always the Lush staff made us feel so welcome and I was so lucky to meet a lovely new friend who showed me around all evening- thank you!  The staff are so knowledgeable, I have no idea how they remember so many of the ingredients in each product.

My first impressions were- wow the new store is so huge and amazing!  However it was so busy and full of press and bloggers that it was hard to take the photos I wanted to (especially while carrying said drink and belongings etc)  I'll definitely come back again at a quieter time to take more photos.  A visit to Lush is more than just picking up the essentials, it's always an experience in itself.

Bath Products

These "Furze"bath melts are so cute!  One of the fresh kitchen "exclusives"!

There were live bath performances at the sinks- handy if you want to see how a certain bath bomb or melt works as some people prefer less glittery or colourful ones than others! I definitely tend to go for the ones that leave less residue on a daily basis but love the more extravagant ones for special occasions.

Lush Soaps

I want this egg soap for Easter- yes that "Chocolate Easter Egg" is vegan as are many of Lush's products, some still contain milk, eggs or honey so check the labels as you shop.  

Sultana of Soap is from the range of "Gourmet Soaps, luxurious and indulgent soaps that have more oils and butters from around the world, many of them benefiting the Sustainable Lush (SLush) Fund Projects).   

I was fascinated to hear how the rapeseed oil used in Lush products is sourced from Minamisoma, Fukushima, Japan.  The 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster changed the farmers lives forever.  As a result of the radiation that contaminated the soil in the area, they were no longer able to continue their farming activities.​  They started the Rapeseed Project simply with a hope to regenerate farming land and restart agriculture. Rapeseed flower has the capacity to remove some radioactive materials from soil and they extract the oil from the seeds (the oil is free from contaminants as water-soluble radioisotopes do not get transferred to oil).

I confess that when I first glanced at the Lush Mechanic Soap I mistook the spanner for a dog bone and thought for a moment that lush were making pet soaps (they so should if they don't already!).   On closer inspection, I love this soap and it would make the perfect gift for the mechanic (or in my case marine engineer) in my life!

Hair Care

Oh Lush, famous for their solid shampoos, perfect for travelling and for their eco-friendly "naked packaging".  I used to use their shampoo bars and conditioners but have lately slipped into the habit of picking up any old cruelty free bottle of shampoo- which my hair isn't happy about!

I'm definitely going to give the solid bars a chance again and will pack  them for our upcoming holiday.

Apart from R&B I haven't used many of Lush's hair treatments before.  I got to try their exclusive new hot oil treatment, Yuge, which is  packed full of spearmint, peppermint and sea salt for long voluminous locks. (I'm regretting not picking a wand up while I was in store now).    While you wait to get your hands on it you could try Damaged, another popular hot oil treatment.  

As I tried out the different shampoos I couldn't help but be reminded of an artist's palette of colours!  So pretty!

I confessed to the lovely Lush ladies that I've always wanted to Henna on my hair but feel scared in case it is too difficult or messy to use.  They talked me through the process and I'm  converted and can't wait to try it.

Now I need to choose the colour.  Should I go for Noir (Indigo-go) or Rouge (Phoenix From the flames)?  I also found out that if you want the benefit of henna without the colour Lush sell a great hair treatment, Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease.

Mark Constantine

I was so excited to have the chance to meet one of Lush's founders, Mark Constantine, at this event.  I'm old enough to have been a "Cosmetics to Go-er" (1987- 1994) before I was a Lush fan (1995 +) so it was an honour to meet this talented man.  

Jackie Oates

Another wonderful talent, folk singer Jackie Oates provided the calming music for the night.  Yes she (well, her name) is also a "Colour Supplement" "For Fairer folk", Jackie Oates (*not a vegan product).

Make Up

While we waited for our spa tour (the moment we had all been waiting for), we browsed the make up section.  I love the colour names of the lipsticks, such as Confident, Ambition and Strong.  A few years ago I used the Emotional Brilliance Colour Wheel to choose my colours.  

These Earth Eye Powders are great- they go darker when you add water.

I love their liquid liner too!  I always go for Independent but one day I'll experiment!

The Spa

When it was our turn for a spa tour, we were taken upstairs in the lift.   Considering how busy the store downstairs was it was surprising how relaxed and quiet the spa is (you would never have guessed there was a folk gig going on downstairs!).  

We were served an Alice in Wonderland Style "Drink Me"  apple infused liquid and an "Eat me" Cocao Mushroom.

Stepping into the spa is like being welcomed into a friend's comfy country kitchen.

We listened to birdsong (recorded by Mark Constantine himself a keen bird watcher) and used in the Sound Bath treatment.  

‘Wild bird song fills the heart and lifts the spirits. Duetting between musician and bird makes this treatment a pleasure to listen to.’

In the shower areas there are a selection of Lush products to use after your treatment.

We went into the different treatment rooms to see what each treatment offered.  There are ten in total.  Treatments range from the Tailor Made, £50, to The Planets, £285.

Two of the treatment rooms have a bath for use in the Tales of Bath treatment.  

The Validation Facial:

"Feel like your skin is refreshed and bright.
Feel confident in your own skin- stand taller.
Be radiant inside and out."

We also got to see the Hard Day's Night Treatment, which has always intrigued me.  It really does seem like the cosiest spa treatment ever- think cosy pyjamas, warmth, massage and the music of the Beatles!

Feel rested as if waking from a good night's sleep.
Exercise without the exertion-feel stretched and revived.
Aids relaxation and the release of tension from the body.

The spa uses low lighting, earthy materials (such as reclaimed wood) and calming colour palettes to form a tranquil atmosphere for the ten treatments currently on offer.

When we went back downstairs to the store it was an awakening after such a relaxing experience (and that was without having any of the spa treatments!). 


After the spa tour we went to the Gorilla Perfume section.  As readers know, I always gravitate towards my favourite fragrance, Imogen Rose.

I was introduced to a few new scents and I admit I am won over.  All good Things would make such a great holiday scent- it's so sunny and happy.  I love the glitter in the solid perfume.

Breath of God is a gorgeous unique scent that I can see myself wearing.  

This complex and distinctive fragrance is the marriage of the light-as-air, fruity ‘Inhale’ and woody, grounded ‘Exhale’, together forming a mysterious and smoky perfume inspired by incense. A counterpoint of light and dark, masculine and feminine, it develops differently on everyone who wears it. 

Cardiff Lush also had exclusive bottles of Snow Fairy for sale- so delicious smelling!  Go get it quick or you'll have to wait until Christmas!

I spent so long exploring the new store so sadly didn't have time to make my own products on this occasion.

All good things come to an end and sadly it was time to leave, but I left smelling wonderful with the softest hands ever and with a lovely Lush wrap full of goodies- thank you Lush!

The Wiccy Waccy Muscles massage Bar smells great and warms as it's massaged in, loosening muscles and relieving aches. Full of Grace is a serum that can be used in your everyday routine or for a home facial, it's one of my favourites (and lasts ages).

I had a lovely time at the new Lush Cardiff.  It's such a positive, welcome, happy space.  I can't wait to come here shopping and also to take the kids and make some products together.  A friend's spa day would be an amazing treat too!  

Have you been to the new Lush Cardiff yet- what did you think?


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