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Friday, 24 March 2017

Signs of Spring at Withybush Woods

I am so ready for Spring.  I've often mentioned on this blog that I love all the seasons for different reasons and my favourite season is usually the one that we're currently in (or at least approaching).  This past Winter however, has seemed an exceptionally long, dark and gloomy season so I've been looking forward to the return of Spring, lighter nights and warmer weather.   I was very grateful for a family walk (minus Dave and Rebecca who were at A&E having Rebecca's arm plastered!) around Withybush Woods a few weeks ago to spot the long awaited hopeful signs of Spring.

Just north of Haverfordwest, there is a free small car park at Withybush Woods (SA62 4BS).  The accessible walk is tarmacked so suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs and part of the walk also has a guide rail for partially sighted visitors.

We were delighted to see that the wood is full of snowdrops...

...and daffodils- the perfect Spring combination.

At first the kids were ahead, but they soon "off roaded" and began to play in the streams below.

There are some fabulous shapes and textures in the old woods.

We only saw one swan on this occasion.  On our last visit there was a family of swans.  Sadly, last year two swans and a cygnet were shot dead, so it's heartbreaking to now see only one swan on their own.  It was a dreadful thing to happen that shocked the whole community.

While it's not great to see litter, Isabelle was very excited to find an "8" in the puddle!

The kids had fun playing within the tall woods.

At this point, sometimes we off road to the less accessible part of the woods- think "Bear hunt" rather than "Bear Grylls"  style, but we kept to the main walk for a change as I wanted to keep the kids fairly clean as we were going to the hospital on the way home.

This is the fallen tree where I often take sibling portraits of the kids.  I couldn't get all four of them together on this walk and everyone else was way ahead so we had to give it a miss for once, although after we passed it Isabelle did call me back and remind me that I needed to take a group photo.  I'll take one when Rebecca is out with us too!

This looks like a great place to sit, within the trees enjoying the woods.

An arch!

Isabelle stung herself on a nettle (isn't that a funny expression when you think about it?) so Nanny found her a dock leaf to sooth it.

It was then time for a game of pooh sticks by the bridge over the stream.

The kids eagerly await their sticks reappearance to find out the winner!

Danny is such a water child, always drawn to it and climbing in as if it's as natural as walking the dry ground (which of course it is).   I love this side of him but it's not always practical as he has a heart condition and we live in a fairly cold climate.  He'll be happiest when the warmer weather arrives and he can paddle and bathe more.

The path is a circular round walk.

Caitlyn had aged by the end of the walk... 

We reminded the kids not to pick any flowers but they did pick a few fallen flowers off the ground.  I just worry when people pass us that they'll think we have actually picked live flowers.  At least I can explain if anyone ever asks ("Honest, Guvnor!")

So pretty!

We came to the end of the walk.

It had been a lovely afternoon with so many encouraging signs of Spring and just this past Monday Spring officially began.  Even the good weather is there at times- the sun shines and it feels so warm,  but then we take our coats off and it clouds over, we're back to grey skies and the temperature drops again!  I'm longing to sit on the beach and feel the sunshine once more!  Soon, someday soon...

Have you been to Withybush Woods?  Where is your favourite woodland walk?

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