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Friday, 10 March 2017

Home: Five Ways to Create the Scandinavian Look on a Budget

While I love swooning over big money items (such as in my last Scandi Home Style post (oh that sofa!)), I realise that many of us prefer (make that need!) a more affordable approach.  Here are five ways to create the Scandinavian look on a budget:

1.  Vinyl Flooring

Two key elements of Scandinavian style are "natural" and "functional".  Therefore rustic wood or slate flooring is often used.  Both of these materials are expensive to lay.  An affordable solution would be to take the aesthetics of natural flooring but in a different form, such as these Scandinavian style vinyl floor tiles.  They create the authentic design and with added benefits, such as being easy to lay (thanks to click installation), easy to clean (hoover, sweep or mop), hard wearing and moisture resistant (so suitable for kitchen and bathroom use).  They also provide noise reduction, are eco friendly and are non slip.  There are lots of different designs available.  I'd love to lay a light oak throughout our home downstairs as the consistent flooring would really open the space up.  

2.  Less is More:  Sell and Swap

Less is definitely more in Scandinavian design.  I have been following Allie Casazza's minimalism course  (and Marie Kondo's books are also popular) as I know my own home would be vastly improved just by "getting rid" of lots of things. The good thing about this is in addition to saving money by buying less, you can actually make money by selling your unwanted things.  Get along to a local car boot at the weekend or put things up for sale on Ebay. 

 Some people operate a "one in, one out policy" and always sell something before buying something new.  Maybe, when you fancy a change of home accessories you could even organise a swap?  Set up a group for your local area to reduce postage and travel costs.

3.  Upcycle

Vintage Scandi buys can be picked up for great prices at house clear outs and second hand furniture stalls.  You may even find some pieces are already within your family.    Molly from Roost-Blog inherited her late grandparents 1960 McIntosh teak sideboard, which gives her home the mid century style (it's absolutely beautiful) but also has the sentimental factor.  Vintage furniture can be left as it is for an authentic look or upcycled to give a modern look to suit your home.  I love the new Frenchic Lazy Range for the quickest way to transform a piece of furniture.   I have a nest of tables that I'm going to upcycle in bright colours for a Scandi style look too.

4.  Craft

Being crafty is not only a great hobby,  it can save you money too.  When you see something you like always ask yourself- "Could I make it myself?" -before committing to buy it.  Of course it's not possible for every item but often can be the case.  Here is ones of my favourite Scandinavian Style crafts:

Three Ways With Copper Spray Paint (I love this hanging planter)

You can find lots more great ideas on Pinterest from coloured pom pom garlands to Swedish Paper Stars.

5.  Plants

The 2017 Pantone Colour of the year is "Greenery".  This fits in perfectly with the Scandinavian style of bringing lots of plants into the home.  They not only look great but clear the air too, making our homes healthier.   Plants can be grown cheaply from seed and small plants are affordable to buy too.  They are also easy to share with others.

If you have a spider plant then re root the spider plant babies and give these to your friends as gifts.  

You can also take cuttings off your plants to grow for yourself or a friend.  The Money Plant is increasingly popular this year and while it won't grow money, re-potting for a friend could save them some!

I hope you've enjoyed these tips about creating the Scandinavian design look on a budget.  Here is a summary:

  • Use wood/slate design vinyl tiles instead of real wood flooring
  • Remember less is more and sell and swap your current items
  • Upcycle vintage pieces of furniture with chalk paint
  • Make your own Scandi style decorations
  • Grow plants from seed and take cuttings to grow more plants.
What are your top tips for creating a Scandinavian style house on a budget?


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