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Friday, 10 March 2017

"Great" Nanny Critten's 90th Birthday Party

This weekend we got together with family and celebrated Dave's Nan (and our kids Great Nanny Critten!)'s 90th birthday.  My kids have been so lucky to grow up having three Great Grandparents, especially ones as  lovely and special as they have!  Here are some photos of the family celebration:

It was a surprise party so she had quite a shock when she arrived and saw everybody!  It was lovely to see so many of her sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren altogether in the same room.  

Dave and Nan.

Two very special ladies- Great Nanny Critten and Great Granny Morris.

Granny with her own father, Great Grampy.

Aunty Eileen and Nanny Critten.

One of the younger great children- Lucas.  He was such a cutie crawling around after the balloons!

Some of "the boys".

Birthday cake and a song for the special lady!

Uncle Andy and Nan.

Lots of balloon fun was had!

Under table fun too- they love a den!

Caitlyn was delighted when she spotted Uncle Don had brought his lovely dog in to see Nan.

Dan enjoyed a cuddle too!

More under table/den fun!

Biggest brother and youngest daughter cuddles!

Dave's cousin Marie and her daughter Isla.  My girls are still talking about their cousin Isla- they loved seeing her at the party.


Danny danced with (Great) Aunty Sue!

I'm so pleased that I managed to take this photo!  My four kids with their Dad, Uncle, Granny, Grampy, Great Grampy Morris,  Great Nanny Critten and Great Granny Morris.  I would also love to have a photo of all the kids with myself, Dave, Granny, Grampy, all "the greats" and my mum, Nanny (Evans), as that would be the kids and all their living ancestors together which would be a very special photo to treasure.  I love this one too.  

"Everybody wants to be the DJ"  Caitlyn was determined for the disco to play "Best Song Ever" by One Direction!

The lovely Freddie dances with his Granny, Sue.  

The boys dancing!

This had to happen!

Freddie looking very cool on the dance floor!

Isla and Aimee dancing!

Nan with lots of her children and grandchildren (and a few greats!).

Dave and Caitlyn!

More dancing!  

Musical chairs!

It had been a long day for Nan and the time came for her to return to her home so we all said our goodbyes - there was a long queue and it took quite a while!  

Goodbye hugs with Caitlyn.  Nanny Critten has always loved cwtches, especially with the newborns of the family while swaddled in one of her crochet cwtch shawls.  She has a huge heart full of love for all her family.

Danny and Isla.

This was a sweet moment as Isla tied up Izzy's boots for her.

We hope Nanny Critten had a lovely day celebrating her 90th birthday.  Her smile was radiant throughout the party.  It was so lovely to see family from afar and to watch all the kids play so well together.  I hope we get to do it again soon! 

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