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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Adding A Tiny Dose of Love into Newborn Baby Clothes

Washing Baby Clothes

When I was young I had my own mini washing line in our garden where I would dry my freshly washed dolls clothes.  I loved the smell and softness of their bodysuits and outfits.  It felt like I was "playing at being mum" when years later I was washing real baby clothes ready for a real baby to wear.  I loved seeing all the tiny clothes on the line and trying to imagine that a little person would eventually be wearing them.  That little person turned out to be my eldest son, Danny.  I still can't believe how quickly he outgrew his first clothes and every couple of months I would have to wash, dry and store away his old clothes.
Washing Baby Clothes
Over the years we added to our family with Rebecca, Caitlyn and Isabelle.  For two of the girls it was lovely to take the baby clothes back out again and enjoy the memories in every seam.  Again, they were all washed, conditioned and hung outside in the sunshine to dry and now I was helped by growing toddlers and young children.   Each time I found it hard to believe that my other kids had once fitted into these teeny clothes.  I also couldn't believe how big my other children's heads were each time I gave birth to a newborn- they suddenly looked huge!   

Washing Baby Clothes

After having my fourth and last child, Isabelle, I kept some outfits for memories but the rest were washed (oh I treasured that smell) and passed on to babies of friends of ours.
Washing Baby Clothes

Some things change and others stay the same.  Washing our children's clothes is still important to us (and a huge part of our family life) whether it be their favourite clothes, uniform, sports kit or this week their clothes for sports day and a school disco.  Every parent hopes their children will feel comfortable and loved in their own clothes.  The clothes just get bigger and I expect the kids to help more.

Washing Baby Clothes

Formulations change and improve too, Comfort have made their Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated so we can still enjoy the same incredible softness but from a smaller dose, every drop is a tiny dose of love.  The need for less packaging makes it better for the environment too.

I've shared about washing my newborn to be's clothes before they were born- what do you remember doing for your child when they were little?

Comfort Pure Ultra-Concentrate has a RRP £3.30 for 38 washes and RRP £4.89 for 64 washes and is available from all major supermarkets.

This post is a sponsored collaboration with Comfort Pure to celebrate the release of Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated.


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