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Friday, 11 March 2016

Life Lately { March #1 }

Life Lately March 2016 Daffodils

Hello, it's time for another (long overdue!) life lately post.  Looking back at February's write up it seems I was hoping for stability, organisation and a chance to play catch up with life.  Hmm, at least I attempt optimism...

Life Lately March 2016 craft

The last few days of half term were good, we made Easter Crafts and still have a few weeks left to get more done.  

Life Lately March 2016

We made the most of our time outdoors even during the storms and heavy rain. 

Life Lately March 2016

We then received the date for Danny's next heart procedure, having his stent enlarged.  I'm still getting to terms with this taking place on his thirteenth birthday but plans are being made and it's getting real now.

Life Lately March 2016

At the end of half term Rebecca travelled with Nanny, Jo and Cerys to stay with Ceri and Lexy in Newport.  She had a great time shopping, going to the cinema and enjoying meals out.  All of the kids take turns staying there and I know they'll always have happy  memories to treasure of their visits there.  Even I get a turn at staying there sometimes  (thanks Ceri and Lexy!).

Life Lately March 2016

The kids went back to school and I attempted to get the house in order, starting with a organising a locker to store Danny's school things.  Since then I seem to have gone on strike house wise!  There have been a few dry, sunny (but cold) days so I really should start sorting the garden soon too.

Life Lately March 2016

The first weekend after school we went to Tamworth for a weekend at Drayton Manor.  We had a lovely carefree time.  We didn't have to worry about the house or operations, it was just what we needed.

Life Lately March 2016

The end of February  saw the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight.  This is a great reminder to check our food packaging for the Fairtrade logo and to make sure we're making the fairer choices.  This year the focus is on Fairtrade breakfasts, but we also made a Fairtrade Vegan Chocolate and Banana Cake to celebrate too.  

Life Lately March 2016

Back at school, the kids celebrated St David's Day.  They dressed up and made welsh cakes.  We always used to have cawl and welsh cakes for tea but I think we ended up having something rubbish like veggie hotdogs as it was a rushed evening for some reason.  I also failed at getting one smart morning photo of everyone dressed up before school (must send alarm for 5am March 1st 2017...).

Our new washing machine arrived- our old one has been making holes in our clothes recently and not spinning- not good!  So, I am so grateful to have a new working machine.  It's lovely!  I really want a new tumble dryer but should stick with the old one to force myself to dry as many clothes naturally as I can  (on those wet weeks though, it really is a struggle).

Life Lately March 2016

Thursday was World Book Day.  The girls dressed up for fun at home but didn't dress up in school that day- our school's WBD took place a week later instead.  The older girls did activities in school.  

Isabelle did activities in school, and I also went into school to read with her.  We read "Some Dogs Do", "Monkey See, Monkey Do", "Za-Za's Baby Brother", "The Tail of Peter Rabbit" and others.  These are all books that we have already and have read at home before but it was nice to spend half an hour in school just reading them together.  

Life Lately March 2016

After reading "Monkey See, Monkey Do" we now check every postbox for monkeys!  I asked Isabelle if she used to be a little baby like Za-Za's baby brother.  She replied, "No, I wasn't a baby zebra, I was a baby boy."  During "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" I had to pretend Peter was Danny Rabbit and his three sisters were Rebecca, Caitlyn and Isabelle.  

That evening, Rebecca took part in a concert at the local secondary school.  I enjoy it every year.  All of the local schools take part and sing, play or recite two to three pieces each.  In between the schools, we are entertained by a great Male Welsh Choir, Bois y Frenni .  I'm not a fluent Welsh speaker, but really enjoy their comical songs sung to well known tunes and they have a great history.  We were all joining in clapping and "revving our imaginary motorbikes" (don't ask!) by the end!

During the first weekend in March, I went out for a meal for my Uncle's birthday.  This was a lovely night with family, although I drank too much and had to cross off practically all of Saturdays "To Do List"!  This is why I couldn't go out every week!

Life Lately March 2016

Sunday was Mother's Day, I want to write a whole post about this lovely day but I'm so proud of my kids and how they organised this special day.  To me Mother's Day is about firstly my mum, but then secondly for me, a home-made card, picked flowers from the garden and a (usually spilt!) cup of tea in bed, but the kids went a lot further than I expected and I had lots of lovely surprises for which I'm very grateful.

Life Lately March 2016

We attempted to go for chips on the beach- a relaxing way to spend Mother's Day as the kids can run about and play, but the chip shops in our chosen village were all closed and it was very cold so we ended up having a bar meal at a local pub restaurant- it was lovely!

This week I've been trying to really "fit more in than usual" but not really succeeding.  On Monday, straight from school we went to the opticians to get Rebecca's glasses fixed.  I let Danny take Caitlyn into another shop to buy a drink and comic, so I only had to bring Rebecca and Isabelle in with me.  It was so much easier.  I only had two kids.  I no longer had to struggle with the door and a baby in my carrier or in a pushchair.  It's funny how things change as the years go on.  I need to get everyone's eye sight checked again now as I'm sure we're all due.

Life Lately March 2016

While in Haverfordwest, somewhere we've not been for a while, we picked up our books in exchange for our World Book Day Tokens.  We tried to get to the vinyl store in the market, but it was already closed,  the kids asked can we start going to Haverford more regularly again, so we'll try.  There was no reason why we stopped going- just one of those things!  We haven't been to the castle in a while either.  I feel a bit like we're finally emerging from a post winter hibernation.  

On Tuesday, I went into school with Caitlyn and played PE games.  We played mini games of football, tennis, rugby and obstacle courses, but the thing I loved best was plastic ice hockey.  I need to buy a set for on the beach this summer!  It was such fun and not as dangerous as playing real hockey with the little kids!  I've had a quick look online but can't find a pair of plastic sticks with a hoop and ball, so if anyone knows where to find them, please let me know).

That night, we were all tired and tetchy after school.  I wanted to get all school and housework out of the way, all ready for bed early so we could relax together but it wasn't going to happen.  I hate evenings like that.

Yesterday, it was finally time for my girls to really dress up for World Book Day.  I went to school with Rebecca to take part in Young Promotors with Springboard.  It's a great course where we are actually promoting a Theatre Show that will take place at our school.  By coincidence, our tutor is Eloise Williams, the author of Elen's Island a wonderful book that we reviewed last year.  So it's been doubly lovely to get the chance to meet her in real life too.  

We had an improved evening last night with baths, stories and I managed to print out all of the letters to schools about time off for Danny's op.

Life Lately March 2016

Today, I did craft with Isabelle at school- we made a pot of flowers and also hair bands.  Just a few years ago she was the young baby in the creche while I did craft with her older ssiters.  I know I always say it but time is going so quickly.

We missed our "Me and Mine" February shot.  I remembered it while we were at Drayton Manor but as we had such a nice time, I didn't want to have to stop everyone for a posed photo- I have to try and get March's done though!

I'm so looking forward to Friday evening - we don't have any plans (apart from Scouts) and for this week, that is perfect.  On Sunday, I have a blog event at Lan Lloft that should also be fun.

We have two weeks left until we break up for Easter.  I need to plan Danny's "pre birthday" party, then there will also be Jo's and Dave's birthdays coming up soon.  

What have you all been up to?  I hope it's been a  good few weeks.  Hopefully I won't leave it so long until the next catch up!




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