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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Dior Forever

Dior Blogger Event

Last Friday, I  hopped on the train to Cardiff and met up with Laura from Cardboard Cities.  We went for a wander around some of our favourite shops such as Tiger (I picked up a lovely heart stamp ready for making Valentine's biscuits (post coming soon) and also couldn't resist their caramel waffles-yum!).  You can see Laura's snapshots of the week here.

We then made our way to the Dior Counter in Debenhams, St David's, ready for a Dior Blogger event organised by the fabulous make up artist, Anthony.

I'm one of those people who normally feels intimidated by beauty counters.  Not living near any good make up shops I often buy make-up on-line which is fine for restocking  but not so good for choosing a new product and the correct shade.  

Anthony is always so friendly and welcoming and immediately puts his clients, customers  and friends at ease.  

Dior Blogger Event

 We were all offered champagne and water.  I made advantage of the fact I wasn't driving and went for the champagne- it was Friday night after all.

We then listened to a brief history of Dior, the Haute Couture Fashion House.  In 1947, just two years after the Second World War ended, Christian Dior launched his first collection.  "The new look"  featuring length, volume, tiny waists and defined busts definitively turned the page of restriction, gloom, rationing, gravity and uniforms.  

"I wanted to be considered a good craftsman. I wanted my dresses to be constructed like buildings, moulded to the curves of the female form, stylizing its shape."

Dior Blogger Event

Just a few years later Dior revolutionized the perfumery industry with the launch of the highly popular Miss Dior parfum, which was named after Catherine Dior (Christian Dior's sister).

Dior Blogger Event

"The beauty of Miss Dior stems from the harmonious blend of citrus, floral and woody notes, with Chypre base notes. Miss Dior is a promise of love."

Fran├žois Demachy

In 1953, Dior's first lipstick, Rouge Dior was launched and the rest as they say is history.  

Dior Blogger Event

We then watched Anthony showcase the new Dior make up products on his lovely model, also a talented make up artist.  I was very impressed with the difference that just putting on the Dior Forever Foundation made.  I knew I had to try this for myself. 

The other product that stood out to me was the Diorshow Colour and Contour Duo, a double-ended pencil featuring a shadow with an iridescent finish to shade the lids in shimmering tones, and a highly pigmented liner to rim lashes with a bold line. One end can be used as a cream eyeshadow and the other for defining- this would be such a time saving, hardworking piece of makeup.  I'm definitely tempted to buy it in Iris.

 Anthony only used a few different products but the finished look was both natural, flawless and beautiful.  

Dior Blogger Event

Next we got the chance to try the products- the fun part!  I was just as fascinated watching others trying the make-up as trying it out for myself.

Dior Blogger Event

I was interested in finding my correct shade for foundation-I never have a clue and just guess.  I think by now I need to be a proper grown up wearing a flattering shade of foundation.  The super duper shade checker machine was out of batteries so I was shade checked the old fashioned way-by eye and trial and error.

Dior Blogger Event

My shade was found to be 020 (writing it down so I remember!).  I then tried the foundation in this shade for myself.  It was so relaxing having this foundation applied by brush.  I then looked in the mirror and was surprised at the difference it made- my skin looked so much better, my natural redness was covered, but it still looked natural.  Most importantly to me, it felt natural.  It felt light and like my skin- but better.  In the past, I've only achieved such a flawless result with foundations that felt too heavy.

Diorskin Forever Foundation is the perfect make up with everlasting wear and pore refining effect, it is SPF 35 and features shine control. I love it!  it's not cheap, but a little goes a long way so it should last a long time.  Our foundation lasted well even in the Cardiff rain on the way back to the train station, so we were seriously impressed.

Dior Blogger Event

I then watched as the same foundation, in a different shade was applied to Laura's skin.  Seeing the difference for myself, I was convinced and had to buy a bottle.  The packaging is divine and I love it!

Dior Blogger Event

Dior Blogger Event

We then had more bubbly, looked at the fun make up such as the lipsticks and nail colours.

Dior Blogger Event

 I've heard really good things about the clear Dior Gel Coat so would love to purchase that one day.  It provides the perfect ultra-shine finish of a professional gel manicure.

Dior Blogger Event

We were then given our goodie bags with some samples including the Miss Dior fragrance that I adore.  I was also given a lovely pink Dior make-up bag as a purchase gift with my foundation. 

Dior Blogger Event

After this, we said our goodbyes and we went off (in the now pouring rain!) to quickly meet up with Ceri and Lexy who were on their way out to see Avenue Q at the New Theatre Cardiff.  It was short and sweet but lovely to see them quickly while on an impromptu evening to Cardiff.  It reminds me that we could come up on the train and and enjoy a quick meal out with them occasionally.

Then Laura and I went and had some tea and food, while waiting for my train (thank you so much Laura for waiting with me!).

I loved our time at Dior and am now convinced that next time I need new make-up I should visit a make up counter for the expert advice, have a makeover and treat myself to some new products.  I also really enjoyed my time in Cardiff, it's so close, especially by train (oh, I relished not driving for a change!) I need to come here more often.

Are you a Dior addict?  Which products are your favourite?


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