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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Style: Floral Dress and Cardigans #MirrorMyMummy

Sunday Style George at Asda #mirrormymummy Post

As Isabelle gets older, it's lovely to see her individual sense of style emerging.  I try not to push my own taste onto her.  I buy her basics and she also wears her choice of  the older kids hand me downs (she knows what she likes), also I think it's important to give her the opportunity to choose new clothes for herself, whether it's online browsing on the computer or looking in shops in real life.  However, as I bought the majority of her baby clothes and I'm an important role model to her, then naturally some aspects of my style may have rubbed off on her (such as the bows in her hair and bright necklaces she likes to wear).

Sunday Style George at Asda #mirrormymummy Post

Our style also differs in lots of ways-  for example you wouldn't catch me in a Spiderman Suit with fairy wings (although perhaps that would be an improvement?). We both love dressing in the easy manner of jersey dresses, comfy cardigans, tights and boots.  Izzy also likes to have a toy mobile phone, a camera to take photos and a play laptop to do her work, just like Mummy.

Sunday Style George at Asda #mirrormymummy Post

We recently chose some new clothes from George at Asda.  I love the colour of this crew neck cardigan.  Mustard is so versatile and is a key colour in SS16 trends.  It's pretty and practical and looks great with a statement necklace.  I've layered mine with a dress but it would look great with skinny jeans too.

Sunday Style George at Asda #mirrormymummy Post

Izzy chose a blue based floral dress as blue is her current favourite colour.  I also love it as "rose print on blue" is one of my favourite patterns.  She layered this with a Navy Bow Detail Cardigan.  These are great mix and match pieces so she can create different looks.

Sunday Style George at Asda #mirrormymummy Post

I also chose a floral print dress but with a flattering black base colour.  I think the bright mustard cardigan gives the dress a fun, colourful look but I can also team it with other colours, such as black, pink and olive green.

Sunday Style George at Asda #mirrormymummy Post

Izzy started school full time this week so has become even more independent from me.  Although, I feel sad and miss her lots, I'm also very proud to see her so confident and excited about school each morning.  She was ready for it, which  of course is reassuring for me  She loves school and has lots to tell me every afternoon when I pick her up and we walk up the road to get her older sisters.  Her school is lovely, as are her teachers, who have  known her since she was a baby as they've taught all her older siblings too (she was just days old when we had Caitlyn's home visit before starting school).

Sunday Style George at Asda #mirrormymummy Post

She's so grown up in some ways, then those sleepy moments when she's cuddled up on my lap, she can seem young again.

Sunday Style George at Asda #mirrormymummy Post

Back to the clothes:  the navy cardigan has pretty floral buttons as well as the bow detail.  I had to take these photos very quickly as it has rained almost non stop here since Christmas.  There was a  brief dry spell so we popped out with the tripod to get a few snaps but we soon got caught in the rain and had to come in again.  Now, the weather is dryer and the sun has returned, so in hindsight, I should have waited a few days.

I love wearing boots with my dresses to balance out the "girly" look.  Isabelle wore Floral Lace Up Boots, while I stuck to classic black (I am so jealous of her boots though and they're quite similar to my patterned Docs!).

Here are the clothes we wore and more details:

Sunday Style George at Asda #mirrormymummy Post

Even if eventually we choose very different styles, it's great that we can pop to George at Asda and always find something that we're happy to wear there (they never fail me with their vintage and skater style dresses and at affordable prices too).  They have lots available for my older two kids and Danny too (I often have to buy him new trousers from there as he's growing so fast).

What's your #mirrormymummy style?

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