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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Isabelle's Birthday at Manor Wildlife Park

Well, this may have been our last visit of 2015 to Manor Wildlife Park (Anna's Welsh Zoo).  It's time to buy new Double Bubbles now to see us through 2016.

The weather wasn't looking great, so I imagined we would spend all day in the indoor areas, such as the playroom, dome with bouncy castle and hay barn.

Thankfully though, we managed to spend more time outdoors, in between showers than expected.

In between the showers, a glorious sunshine shone through the tall trees.  

We tried to avoid the soggy wet green, but the kids still managed a quick go each on the bikes.

The hay barn was empty, so we decided to picnic in there.

Mum provided the picnic, while I provided the cake.

Unfortunately, it was just for show and while we enjoyed singing happy birthday and Izzy enjoyed blowing the candles out and making a wish- I forgot to bring a knife with me to cut the cake (oops!).  

Then it was time to run around the haybarn and get covered in hay- as you do. 

Next, it was time to head to the big bouncy castle in the dome.

It was really fun having the bouncy castle to ourselves (we must hire one in 2016!).  My camera skills failed me and all the action somersault shots were blurred.  I only caught the slow shots when everyone was exhausted and coming to the end of their  bouncy castle play.

We love the carved table- beautiful! 

We just had a quick peek at the rabbits, as the pathways were very wet and slippy.

Then a walk around to see the meerkats.

Caitlyn's favourites are the goats.  She would spend all day in with them if she could.  She remembers them individually and I'm sure they recognise her each time too. 

The peacocks were in with the lemurs again.  Caitlyn carefully took Izzy around the Lemur Walkthrough, just ahead of us grown ups. 

The lemurs are so sweet, all snuggling together to keep warm.  

Then a play in the park.  Rebecca loves monkey bars, she goes on the school ones every day and then  often suffers from  open blisters.  I've asked her to stop for a while until her hands are heeled, but she persists. Thankfully, they are currently healed but I may have to get her some gym chalk to prevent more blisters.

"I'm tired!"  "Don't you mean "tyred"?" (sorry, Mum joke!).

All the kids enjoyed the sand play too.

Then we went to see Terima the tiger.  We did get a good view, but not close enough for a good picture.  We watched her eat her food.

In the playground, Izzy collected nuts.

It's strange to think that a few months ago this walk was so orange, brown and autumnal.  Now, it really is Winter.

In the wallaby enclosure,  there was a beautiful light.  Such a lovely time of day.

This last photo, makes me smile.  Rebecca's hair looks wild after a fun filled day out running about.

It was a quiet, but lovely day.  As soon as Christmas is over, we need to put aside £127.40 (gulp-but  actually good value for a family of six and the fun we have all year) and buy next years Double Bubble.  It is £23.90 per adult and £19.90 for kids and concessions.  I took ages to get around to this last year so hopefully will be on the ball for next year as we really enjoy our time here.

Have you visited Manor Park?  What's your favourite part?


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