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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

10 Christmas Activities For Kids

10 Christmas Activities for Kids  Gingerbread House

I love the last couple of days before Christmas.  Most of the shopping is done, schools have broken up and our days are free to do lots of Christmas Activities.

10 Christmas Activities for Kids

If you're enjoying this exciting part of advent here are ten Christmas Activity Ideas to do with your children:  

10 Christmas Activities for Kids  Gingerbread House

1.  Make a Gingerbread House.

If you have lots of time (and patience) you can make a Gingerbread House from scratch using a template or cutters.  Alternatively all of the supermarkets sell a Build Your own Ginger Bread House kits for £4 - £5.  They are such fun to make and taste delicious!

Top tip:  If you can afford it buy two kits as you'll find yourself wanting to join in this activity too!

10 Christmas Activities for Kids  Paper Snowflake

2.  Make Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes look so pretty on windows and bunting around the home at Christmas.  They are quick, fun and inexpensive to make.  There are lots of templates on line for making traditional paper snowflakes but you can make anything, even Star Wars Snowflakes which would be popular in our house.  

Make Paper Chains 10 Christmas Activities for Kids

3.  Make Paper Chains

Paper chains are so simple to make.  Ideal to make when watching Christmas tele.  If you do need a tutorial the National Trust have one on their site.  Hang your finished paper chains as decorations around the home or on the tree.

10 Christmas Activities for Kids  Make a Christingle

4.  Make a Christingle

Tell the story of the Christingle and then make these bright, naturally scented ornaments.  Light your Christingles and then cuddle up and read Christmas stories together.

10 Christmas Activities for Kids  Painted Lightbulb Ornament

5.  Make Lightbulb Baubles

A great way to use up old lightbulbs is to paint them as Lightbulb Christmas Tree Baubles.  You can paint a design, such as Santa above, however it's a really nice idea to print your baby or child's hand print on the bauble as a Christmas keepsake.  If you don't have any traditional shaped lightbulbs (we have more of the energy savings lightbulbs nowadays) then put a hand print on a plain bauble.

10 Christmas Activities for Kids Reindeer Handprint Cookie

6.  Make a Reindeer Handprint Cookie

A fun Christmas baking activity for kids is to make Reindeer Handprint Cookies.   They're easy to make and make a great Christmas Eve snack- for the kids or Santa and lovely handmade gifts.  These Italian Vanilla Christmas Cookies also make great gifts.

10 Christmas Activities for Kids Reindeer Food

7.  Make Reindeer Food

Mix some bird seed, oats and a little sugar or edible glitter together to make some reindeer food ready for Christmas Eve.  It needs to be harmless to wildlife in case birds eat up any scraps that the reindeer leave.   Pour it into a jar, little fabric bag or decorated envelope.

On Christmas Eve read this rhyme, as you sprinkle the reindeer food in your garden and ring a little bell:

Sprinkle on the lawn at night 
The moon will make it sparkle bright 
As Santa's reindeer fly and roam 
This will guide them to your home

10 Christmas Activities for Kids  Christmas Lights

8.  See the Christmas Lights

Take a walk around the neighbour hood to really appreciate the decorations and Christmas lights.

10 Christmas Activities for Kids Portable North Pole PNP

9.  Create a Personalised Santa Video

Every year, I make a personalised Santa message for the kids using the Portable North Pole (PNP).  It's quick to do- add some personal messages and upload a photo and you're done.  I always use the free option but you can pay and get more options to personalise if you wish.  With the premium version you also find out if you're on the good list or not.  Then, the kids get to come and watch their message from Santa.

10 Christmas Activities for Kids Netflix Christmas Movies "Festive Favourites"

10.  Watch Christmas Movies

It's not Christmas until we've settled down to watch lots of Christmas movies.  Get comfortable, watch a TV movie, grab your favourite Christmas DVD or make your way through the "Festive Favourites" on Netflix.  They have all the greatest Christmas Movies including A Christmas Carol, Home Alone and Arthur Christmas.

I find keeping the kids busy in the days leading up to Christmas helps them control their excitement and get to sleep each night (the more sleep they get the more time I get to prepare for Christmas!).  

What are your favourite Christmas activities?


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