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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Warm Autumn/Winter Style Clarks Desert Boots

Girl sat on beach Boden Duffle

It's certainly time to wrap up warm in our winter coats- although we're not quite in our bobble hats and gloves just yet.  We also like to wear boots on our feet at this time of year to keep our toes toasty warm.  No one likes getting cold feet.

Pink Rose

Young girl sat on beach

Izzy was sent these Clarks Desert Boots in a gorgeous Vintage Pink Colour (see the link for other colours available).  They are a beautiful design and warm to the touch.  They are perfect for those cold, crisp winter days.

Clarks Girls Suede Desert Boots in Vintage Pink

Clarks Girls Suede Desert Boots in Vintage Pink

Girl on beach

Izzy likes colourful clothes and I find this style in vintage pink easy to pair with her outfits.   She can wear them with wool tights and dresses/skirts as well as leggings, trousers and jeans.  They are so versatile.

Girl on beach

She is so cheeky!

Girl jumping on beach

She is also fearless and loves jumping from fair heights.

Girl lands on sandy beach

Luckily, the hardwearing rubber sole offers her good landing stability!  She finds these boots very comfortable and they allow plenty of room for her feet to grow.  

Young girl on beach in dark Boden Duffle

As you know, we spend a lot of our time on beaches.  I am so pleased that when the boots get a bit sandy, it can just as easily be shook off again.  Being suede, these will not be so practical on a rainy day- we'll get our wellies out instead!   If you prefer, these Desert Boots also come in a leather option (I love the Metallic version).

Clarks Girls Desert Boots Vintage Pink

Now it gets cold and dark so early in the evenings (don't forget the clocks go back this weekend), these boots are perfect for keeping Izzy warm during an evening stroll.

Desert boots on beach in dark

What shoes do you like to wear in the cooler weather?  I'm tempted to get myself some desert boots now...

Izzy Wears:

"The Duffle" in Deep Purple, Boden
Green Cord PinnyLittle Bird by Jools 
Ditsy Floral BlouseLittle Bird by Jools 
LeggingsLittle Bird by Jools 
Girls Desert Boots, in Vintage Pink, c/o Clarks



  1. What adorable little shoes. And she really is fearless. That's quite a jump in that photo! :-) Hope you are all well.

    1. They're so cute aren't they? She's not a pink girl usually, but this shade is lovely. Yes, she must follow her dad I think! All good thanks. Looking forward to our next meet. :-) x


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