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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Five Essentials to Pack when Travelling with Children

As fun as holidays are, we all know that they can be stressful too.  The first thing I worry about is the cost of the holiday and second is knowing what to pack.

Luckily, there are ways to travel the world and stick within your budget too.   Always check out voucher sites first for great hotel coupons and promo codes.  By using these coupons, you can book affordable plane tickets and hotel rooms. So the whole holiday is going to cost you a lot less, and you can relax and enjoy the holiday more. Secondly, what to pack?  When you have one hand full of children, and another one full of luggage, it can be easy to miss something crucial before heading to the airport. It might be just one small, insignificant thing, but that one little item could be very important.  So to help you out, here is a list of  list of five essential things to bring with you when travelling with children.

Copies of birth certificates and passports

You can’t predict anything while travelling.   In the past I have heard stories about people losing all of their luggage, including their passports.   Before we travel I always take photocopies of our passports and pack these separately.  I also email myself and a family member copies,just in case.  It's important to keep our passport safe while on holiday, so making use of the hotel/apartment safe if you can.  By having at least a pair of high-quality copies of these important identification documents, you will always be able to board planes and travel back home without any problems.

A mini first aid kit
I actually never go anywhere without a mini first aid kit (one of the traits of being a heart mum).  However, when travelling this is important for all families. Kids are often getting into scrapes so pack antibacterial wipes, plasters and bandages.  In exotic countries you may not be able to get hold of all the right remedies you might need. Also, on more remote holidays, you can’t find a pharmacy on every corner, so always pack essentials like painkillers or remedies to deal with a belly ache (we always pack paracetamol, including a child friendly version, loperamide hydrochloride and re hydration salts). Hopefully, you won't need to use it but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Healthy Snack
A full child is always happier than a hungry one. And so, to make travelling a lot easier, pack a few healthy snacks with you and offer them for your little bundles of joy. It can be everything kids love- apples, bananas, carrots, plums and other healthy treats. It will keep them full and happy.

Fun activities or toys
If a very long trip is waiting your kids ahead, you should also take with you a few toys or activity ideas for kids to do on a long journey. It will help them stay in a good mood, and they won’t even notice how long they are travelling. Pack some books, board games, your kids’ favourite toys or even a DVD player for some movie watching.  A tablet can keep kids amused by watching films and playing games. Just don’t forget to bring headphones with you too, to keep the trip pleasant for everyone.

Additional pair of clothing
In your hold luggage, always bring an extra pair of clothing with you.  This is useful in case of sickness, accidents, spills or even if your luggage goes missing, as we mentioned earlier.  Have some clothing to chance. It won’t take up too much space, and you will always be ready for the worst case scenario.

Once you have packed all the essentials, you can relax and enjoy the holiday!  What essentials do you always pack when travelling with children?

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