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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Chips on the Beach / Saundersfoot / Pembrokeshire

Girl with conkers

Last weekend we went to Saundersfoot on my sister, Ceri's birthday.  We had a lovely day, but for me it was the worst day of my chest infection, so I struggled a bit and didn't explore the beach as much as I would have liked, but still managed to have fun.

There is plenty of parking in Saundersfoot.  The closest to the beach is The Harbour Carpark from £2, if that's full then there are lots of other car parks sign posted.  I deliberately parked by the arcade so we didn't have far to walk back at the end of the day.

Girl in thoughtful pose

We stopped on a grassy bank to collect some conkers- there are always plenty here at this time of year. 

Sisters hold hand in seaside town

We then walked past the arcade (we were saving our pennies until the end of the day) and straight ahead to Saundersfoot Beach.

Saundersfoot Signs

Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

Saundersfoot Rose

Saundersfoot Beach

We waited on the beach for the rest of the family to arrive.  Sadly, Danny couldn't come as he was feeling too tired and poorly.  This time of the year is the hardest with his heart condition.  He said he couldn't face being on a cold beach, so Dave took care of him at home.  Thankfully, he's perked up again since!

Saundersfoot Beach

Girl on beach

Girl on beach

Girl jumps

Girl on beach

Girl Star Jump Beach

The girls immediately began playing on the beach and jumping onto the beach.  They love this part.  When I'm feeling well, I love to walk the length of the beach, past the rock full of heart pebbles, past Coppet Hall and sometimes all the way to Wiseman's Bridge.

Saundersfoot Beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Saundersfoot Beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Girl on beach

Girl runs

Girl jumps

Girl Jumps

Girl lands

Saundersfoot Beach, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Once everyone arrived we went to the other side of the beach so we could sit on the steps to eat our chips from The Argosy Fish and Chip Shop.  

Girls eat chips on beach

Sausage and chips was a popular choice!

Girl eats chips on beach

Chip butty on beach

I enjoyed a chip butty.  Hot food on the beach on a cold day is such a treat.  

Horse riding on Saundersfoot beach, Pembrokeshire

The lovely sight of a horse on the beach.  Surprisingly, for a Pembrokeshire girl, I've never been on a beach ride- something I need to do some day soon, for sure!

Jellyfish on Saundersfoot beach

More jelly fish...

Writing on beach

The kids wrote birthday messages for Ceri in the sand.

Caterpillar Birthday Cake

Then it was time for caterpillar birthday cake!

Birthday girl blows out candles

Mum managed to light the candles for Ceri to blow out- this was no mean feat on a windy day!

Girl in arcade

Then we were all grateful to warm up in the arcade.  

Girl trying to reach 2p machines arcade

The sweetness of seeing a little one on tiptoes to reach the 2p machines (starting her young- oops!).

Girl whack attack

I gave Izzy one 10p coin (the last one in my purse) to put into the 10p machine.  She won a handful and used her winnings to play on the 20p and 30p arcade games, so that was 10p well spent!

Girl playing air hockey

Girl playing air hockey

Girl playing air hockey

Lady Playing air hockey

Man playing air hockey

Oh, the faces of concentration whilst playing air hockey.

Air guitar arcade

Guitar Hero was another hit.

Girl on 2p machines

Girl arcade hammer

Girl arcade hammer

Girl in arcade

Girls on motorbike arcade

Girls on motorbike arcade

Poor Izzy really, really wanted to go on the back of the motorbike, until she was on it and then she really, really, really, wanted to get back off!

As we had arrived at the arcade late, they then started to close up, which made it easier for us to get the kids out anyway!

It was a great day despite us all being full of coughs and colds.  We found the last week of school a real struggle so are really appreciating our time off this week.  I usually feel guilty if we have a lay in or stay in during half term but as we're always so busy, I've began to realise that we do need these quiet days in between too, so I'm making the most of the cosy rainy days and know that there will still be time for adventures too!

Do you love chips on the beach?  I hope everyone is having a great half term!
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  1. I love Izzy's face in all of these photos - little daredevil that she is :-) Looks like a lovely time at the beach - happy birthday to Ceri! x

  2. I love the pictures of the girls jumping, they look like they had so much fun. Chips on the beach, great idea!

  3. Chips on the beach always taste better than anywhere else! Lovely photos from your day and a beautiful beach, I can't think of a better way to shake off the end of term bugs. Happy birthday to Ceri and lovely to see your girls jumping and playing in the autumn sun. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  4. I absolutely love Saundersfoot so it's lovely seeing you all enjoying yourselves there. It's such a special place to me and my husband - we got engaged there in fact! It's lovely going back there with our children now. Sorry to hear you were struggling with your chest infection, hope you are feeling better now. Happy birthday to Ceri. x

  5. Love the pictures of the girls jumping. They look like they had a fab time!! I haven't been there for years x

  6. I love a classic day on the beach - we are so lucky to live by the sea too.


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