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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Home Organisation: Shoe Storage

Examples of Shoe Storage Cabinets

Sorry, not the most exciting of blog titles today but if you have a large family or lots of shoes  (is Imelda Marcos your middle name?) then this may be useful for you!

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Shoe storage is the bane of my life.  We have it all over the house and yet  I still find rogue shoes around the house every day.   So, what is the best way to store your families shoes?


 We have a wooden welly rack in our garden to put our muddy wellies straight onto after a day in the woods.   At the moment we just move them onto newspaper in our utility room when they're dry.  However, I am planning to buy a shoe bench to make a more organised mini mudroom in this area.

Occasion Shoes

All the kids have "best shoes" for special occasions.  As these aren't worn often they are kept upstairs in the bottom of their wardrobes.  I use Ikea KOMPLEMENT shoe shelves in the bottom of our own wardrobe, so we can store more pairs of shoes.  I know friends that have a whole shelving system dedicated to shoes.  You can also use overdoor shoe pockets or a mirrored shoe cabinet if you have lots to hide away.

Everyday and School Shoes

For me, storage of our everyday shoes is the hardest part.  The living room can look tidy, but as soon as four kids come home from school and drop their coats, bag and shoes in a pile on the floor, well, that changes everything.  For years we've used Ikea SKUBB Shoeboxes.  They were fine at first.  But over the years, I've added to my collection, piling them on top of each other.  When all the shoes are "home", it works.  But, when the box is empty it collapses.  One solution for this is to put up shelves so the SKUBB can be stored single file as intended.  We are replacing our piles of SKUBB boxes with a shoe cabinet.  I'm hoping it will give our hall a sleeker look, having all the shoes hidden away each evening.  If our hall area was wider then I would have loved a shoe bench there too.  

Guest Shoes

Personally, I'm happy for guests to keep their shoes on in our home if they prefer.  However, it's nice to have a place where guests can put their shoes too if they're staying for longer and want to get comfortable (or if I ever get around to getting a brand new cream carpet!).  I'm going to look at how much space we have leftover with the new cabinet and either put an open basket on the floor or a small shoe bench for our visitors to put their shoes on.

How do you store your shoes?  If you have any tips please let me know.  

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