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Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Music Brings Me Right Back- Basement Jaxx at O2 Arena

At this time of year, I find myself needing things "to look forward to"- fun things to get me through the dark, wet Winter upon us.

 I love live music and theatre events so booking a few of these dates always cheers me up.  I also start looking out for "what's on" after Christmas, ready for Christmas gifts to give to friends and family - personally I love being gifted an experience to look forward to.  My favourite ever Christmas present was my weekend in Cardiff watching Phantom of the Opera.  It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Dave and I had a hard week this week both feeling under the weather, cold, tired and busy at work.  On top of that I've had car and eye trouble (conjunctivitius again!), so I've been forced to spend most of the week in a dark room, which meant Dave had to help out with school runs as well as running a busy business (sorry Dave!).

Anyway, we were both feeling quite defeated and down until Friday (pay day) when Dave decided to bite the bullet and get us tickets to see Slip Knot and Korn in Cardiff.  We have seen them quite a few times before and can't wait to see them again.  A lot of our metal-head friends have also got tickets so it is likely to be quite an experience (read total carnage!).  

As well as musicals and metal I also love different types of music and would go to see many other acts if time and money were no object.

I never really class myself as being a fan of dance music, but once it's on, if it's a good tune, then I just can't help but dance along, releasing endorphins and creating that super happy, feeling.

When we were looking at upcoming music events I noticed that Basement Jaxx Tickets are now available at The O2 Arena on 11th December- ideal for an early Christmas present maybe!

I last saw them live at a festival a while back and when they play tunes like "Do Your Thing" well, you can't help but move your body and err do. your. thing. 

I just know there would be an amazing atmosphere at this gig with everyone dancing, singing and screaming along:  "Where's Your Head At?!" and so much more.

I think their newest single, "Never Say Never" sums it up for me with the line "Music brings me right back...".  

(Ignore the thumbnail- the video is completely different to how it looks!)

It never fails to bring me right back to happy, carefree times and while tickets cost money, the experience is priceless.

Which concert tickets would you love to see in your Christmas Stocking?


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