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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Back to School and Treasuring Precious Cuddles #powerofsoft

Family Cuddles

I know that I say it on this blog all the time-but I really can't believe how quickly time passes by.  In my mind, it doesn't seem long ago that I was the little girl having cuddles with my own mum and dad (and enforced cuddles from my big sister-sorry Jo!).  

Family Cuddles

Since giving birth to Danny eleven years ago time has definitely speeded up even more quickly  and I am constantly reminding myself to embrace and treasure every moment with each of my four children.

Family Cuddles

Looking back, I find it hard to believe that I had to wait so long to enjoy first cuddles with my poorly baby, but once we got to cuddle Danny the wait was worth every second and every cuddle with him is always extra special.

Family Cuddles

September is an especially poignant month for many parents as our children are returning to school or (gulp) starting school for the first time.

Family Cuddles

This year Danny has reached another milestone and started at our local comprehensive school. 

old school photo

 It is the same school that both Dave and I attended so it is bringing back lots of old school memories for us too.

Family Cuddles

So this September as well as seeing our big boy go off to Year 7, we also have Rebecca entering her first year at Juniors, Caitlyn starting Year 1 and Izzy has just one term left  until she starts part-time school.  Yes, in just over three months time our youngest, "the baby" will also be a school aged child.  

Family Cuddles

She is currently at Play Group but we are making the most of the last mummy and daughter time we have before she starts more formal school.

Izzy child mushrooms

We get extra time together while the big kids are in school.  We craft, play, swim, bake, read and have lots of special cuddles together.  I can remember cuddling up with Danny to watch Thomas the Tank Engine, Rebecca and I used to watch In the Night Garden, Caitlyn loved Me Too and now Izzy loves some quiet, lazy time cuddling together watching Peppa Pig.

Toddler pushing big sister Cosatto Boom Bloom

She may be a big girl going to Play Group and preparing for school, but when I pick her up she is usually tired after a long afternoon of learning.

Toddler napping Cosatto Supa Boom Bloom

I can still see my baby there.  In Izzy.  In all of them, Caityln, Rebecca and Danny.  They will always be my babies and be cuddled by me.

Fairy found that 43% of parents miss those soft kisses and cuddles when their children go off to school.  Therefore they are encouraging mums and dads to  make the most of their together time by giving their little ones an extra soft cuddle today and embracing the #PowerofSoft.

Fairy also found that 28% of parents miss the constant background noise- I have to admit my ears were ringing when I sent all four of mine off to playgroup and school again.  It felt so odd to hear the general household "hum" instead of  hearing my kids voices.

I also miss talking to them when they're in school.  Things often pop into my head that I want to say to them so I now write these down and tell them once they're home.

Fairy Non Bio made this beautiful "The Softest They Will Be" video, which I admit makes me cry.  Take a look and see what you think (shall I pass the tissues to you too?). 

Love you foreverOnce there were giants

We also love to read these stories about growing up, "Once There Were Giants" by Martin Waddell and Penny Dale; and "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch.  I always tease Danny that I will be the old woman in the photo above!

I'll love you forever,

I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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