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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Little Fashionistas in Summer - Guest Post

Little Fashionistas 

Little girls love expressing themselves through their clothes. It doesn't matter whether they're putting together such delights as a striped top with a flower patterned pair of leggings and a tutu on their head as toddlers trying to dress themselves for the first time, or experimenting with their own sense of style as teenagers. Girls just love clothes and choosing them themselves makes them feel ever so grown up. So what are some great buys for girls who like standing out from the crowd: 

Springtime Brights 

A flash of colour is a great way to add interest to an outfit. Whether that's a neon pink belt, a pair of patterned leggings or a bright motif on a T shirt. The important things is that colour is included in their outfit - how much or how little is down to them. 

Slogan and Band T shirts 

Everyone has a favourite band these days and for the most part it seems that One Direction have cornered the market and have their band name and faces on just about everything from T shirts to jackets. But if girls want to be a little bit different, why not choose a T shirt with another band motif? The Rolling Stones logos were a hugely popular addition to T shirts last year, so why not choose a T shirt with an obscure band or an 'oldie' like The Stones and make a fashion statement - it may even catch on!  The same goes for slogan T's - why not be a little different and choose one that hasn't been seen on everyone at school. 

Selfie Fashion 

One of the latest and cutest fashion statements for girls are selfie T shirts. Not of themselves, but of animals supposedly striking a pose for a selfie. A great buy for fashion conscious girls.  

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize  

No outfit is complete without some cute accessories to brighten it up and add a little bit of style to it. From hair clips and headbands to bags and bows, the accessories added to an outfit can make or break it. Huge this spring and summer are flower accessories, feathers, leg warmers, wide brimmed hats, stars, tassels, bowling bags and funky sunglasses.  

At School 

While at school there isn't much room for being an individual in terms of clothing, thanks to children being in uniform, there are still a few ways to make a mark. School shoes for girls are one place where you can add a bit of an individual touch while at school however, along with hair accessories if the school isn't too strict. School shoes for girls from George at ASDA are a great place to start, thanks to the comfortable yet fashionable selection of shoes they have available and, best of all, they're great value, so she can change her look as often as she likes!  


Give a girl a few buttons, badges, some diamant√© and a denim jacket or bag and you'll see her transform it in minutes. Its a great way to truly express herself and something you can do together – if she’ll let you!  

With plenty of ways to ensure her personality is reflected in her clothing, a young girl can really put her stamp on her look in just a few easy steps that needn't cost a fortune.  

*This is a guest post that I was compensated for publishing*

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