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Monday, 31 March 2014

Rainbows Promise Ceremony

Rainbows Girlguiding Promise Ceremony

One January day, as a double rainbow shone brightly in the sky, two little girls joined Rainbows.  In fact over twenty local girls joined Rainbows, as it was the beginning of a new group in our town.

Caitlyn and her slightly older cousin, Cerys, couldn't wait to join, especially as they have seen all the fun that Rebecca gets up to in Brownie Guides and Danny in Scouts.  

Rainbows Girlguiding Promise Ceremony

Last week was their very important Promise Ceremony. 

It was a special one as being a new group, everyone needed to make their promise, rather than a few newcomers.  They each had to make the following promise and were then presented with a Promise Badge and Certificate.

   "I promise that I will do my best to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful."

I am pleased that the new promise means girls of all different faiths can join and make the promise, knowing they are being true to their own "beliefs", whatever they may be.

Rainbows Girlguiding Promise Ceremony

Although they are now historic establishments, The Girl Guiding Movement and also The Scouting Movement always ask what their members want and keeping up with the times, but the basic premise of having fun, helping others and doing your best will always remain.

Rainbows Girlguiding Promise Ceremony

I had so much fun at Brownie Guides and learnt so much:  independence, first aid, sewing, crafts, cooking, baking, high way code and so much!  The most important skills that I learnt from Brownies were being a good friend and respecting others.  Although, being a teacher I have also used lots of the Brownie Guide songs and group games throughout my career as "fillers" to keep the children entertained!  I don't think you will ever be bored if you have been a Guide or Scout (and that's without the need for a Smartphone or tablet!). 

Rainbows Girlguiding Promise Ceremony

Sadly, I never took to Guides, though I regretted not sticking with it once I realised the increasing opportunities offered to Guides as they got older.  

Rainbows Girlguiding Promise Ceremony

We were so proud to see the girls making their promise.

Rainbows Girlguiding Promise Ceremony

They were chuffed and relieved once they'd go the slightly "scary" bit over with too! 

Rainbows Girlguiding Promise Ceremony

They then had a little party with fun and food!

When I picked them up we walked down to The Rath to take some photos. 

I love this time of day. 

Caitlyn and Cerys:  Official Rainbows!  Big  cousin Cerys has a protective look about her here!

I hope they carry on having fun at Rainbows and "doing their best".  I love hearing about what they've been learning about each week.   I have definitely noticed the "being helpful" part of the promise spilling over into our homelife this week as Caitlyn looks for ways to be helpful all the time,bless her.  Especially with clearing the table after tea and tidying her toys.

Rainbows Girlguiding Promise Ceremony

Rainbows have fun! They take part in indoor and outdoor activities as part of their programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw.
Their meetings are full of games and activities which provide challenging opportunities for Rainbows to think for themselves and take an active part in unit decision-making.
Everything a Rainbow does helps her to develop – it’s an opportunity to look, learn, laugh and love.

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