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Friday, 10 January 2014

Siblings - January


I love this Linky!  I take lots of natural everyday photos of my children, sometimes that means they're alone or with one or two of their siblings, then occasionally I start barking orders and manage to get a photo of all four of them together.

I didn't know this Linky was coming up and this photo wasn't planned.  We were walking through the tunnel taking silhouette photos against the light.  

The kids asked to have a photo taken with the graffiti penguin- as they often do.  Izzy was still in the buggy at my side and beckoned to get into the photo too.  

One quick snap and we were on our way again, but it is a photo of all "siblings" and therefore  must be treasured!

My aim is to take a nice natural, un-posed photo of all four of them together for next months you think I'll achieve it?  

Wish me luck!

I'm off to comment on Gingerlillytea's "Siblings" now and then follow the Blog Hop- lots of lovely photos to see!

dear beautiful


  1. Un-posed? Huh, good luck with that!! I must try more black and white, this looks fab. That penguin is v cute, Sasha would love that too. I LOVE this linky - off to put it on my calendar before I forget right now!

  2. Fab picture, I love the graffiti background, and I struggle to get two children in a photo, I'm not sure i could manage four so well done!xxx

  3. Such a cool photo - loving the thumbs up! Great linky isn't it? :)

  4. Good luck with the unposed photo! This one is great though :)

  5. What an utterly fantastic photo. It looks all cool and trendy like something out of a magazine. Good luck for the coming months, I can't wait to see what you come up with. x

  6. I love the graffiti penguin - I'd want my picture taken with it too! It's a great photo, they all look so happy, and with four I think you can be excused the need for a few orders! I've only got two and it's a challenge!

  7. Great shot, I love the graffiti penguin! Good luck with your goal, it can't be easy to do with 4! As I will one day find out for myself, hopefully. :)


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