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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Me and You

As you know, I am always taking photos, mainly of my kids and things in life I find beautiful or interesting.

I often forget to make sure that I'm in the photograph and definitely find it difficult to get photos of Dave and I together.

A few weeks ago we went out for drinks with friends, sadly it was a night in memory of a close friend who died just before Christmas.  Lots of our friends from over the years were there so I took many photos.  We got home and I realised that there had not been any photos taken of me on that night and while not being vain, I thought it would be a shame in years to come when reminiscing about that night, looking back at photos and wondering why there wasn't a single one of me.

So, I made a drunken man, at three in the morning have a "selfie" with me!  The angle is not the most flattering, but I love it.  

Me and you, happy, content, after a lovely night with friends, knowing how lucky we are to have each other.

Then, last weekend while taking part in Team Honk escapades, we also helped to push a friend's car out of the mud.  As the car was freed, I fell to my knees, getting very muddy.  I was weak laughing at the situation, then turned to Dave and saw that he had been  splattered with mud by the spinning tyres of the car.

Of course, I had to ask my sister to snap us looking so glamorous!  

Me and you.  Me in a tutu and wings with muddy knees, you mud splattered from helping a friend.  Happy, healthy and so grateful for all the laughs we have together in everyday life.

dear beautiful


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  1. Aww, great pics, and even more special because of their back stories. :)


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