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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

First Day Back to School

Back to School Clarks Shoes

Yesterday the big kids went back to school.  Like every "good parent" I had everything laid out the night before, all good intentions.  Then we all got up late and ended up rushing anyway.

Back to School bright bobbles hair bands

The important thing is that everyone went into school happy and came out again happy!  The best thing about being apart from each other again are the excited conversations we all have catching up and telling each other about our day.
Back to school Izzy play wooden fruit balance
Izzy did miss her big brother and sisters though and asked a few times during the day if we could "Go get, Danny, Becca and Caitlyn now Mummy?"

I kept her amused playing with her wooden slicing fruit and scales that she had for Christmas.  There will be a post full of photos about this coming up as I took too many pictures to include in a catch up.

Kids silhouette photo monochrome tunnel light

After school, we went to pick up Rebecca's fixed glasses from the opticians.  This involves a walk through the underpass tunnels.  The kids have always loved these.  Since Danny was a baby he used to make funny noises to hear his echo and as the years have gone on, they all still enjoy passing through them.  Sometimes they watch and listen to buskers as they throw their money in, they still shout and make funny noises and when the light is just right they like to make silhouettes.  I will put these photos up in a post on their own too.

Kids silhouette photo monochrome tunnel light grafitti Haverfordwest

We always take a look at the graffiti too and the kids make me take a photo every time, so he is almost part of our family (looks like a new pet!).

Danny had lots of "Tooth Money" saved up, with this he went to Argos while we got the glasses, he chose a Hexbug Aquabot Fish.

We went home, had tea, got Danny ready for his first scouts meeting and I got ready for my craft group.

Danny and I went to our groups.  I forgot to tell Dave that Danny had an Aquabot fish in his room and to keep the girls out, so while Dave was busy unblocking our washing machine pipe (for which I am very grateful), they were in Danny's room playing with the fish and getting water everywhere!  Perhaps not the best toy when you've got three mischievous younger sisters.

Today, I vowed to get up earlier but still didn't get up as early as I would have liked.  I'm not even hearing my alarm clock at the moment so I must be in a really deep sleep at what should be "Wake up" time.  Danny was really tired this morning after spending the evening at Scouts, but he loves it so much, I really hope he can manage it.

Hopefully, my body clock will be sorted by the end of the week!  

I hope everyone else is settling into their back to school routine!


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