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Monday, 9 December 2013

Our Perfect Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition

For me, the perfect Christmas Day is waking up and discovering that he has been...

I love the look of wonder on my children's faces as they discover what gifts he may have left for us.

It would make our Christmas Day perfect this year if there was one big box for all the family to share.

A PS4 would make our day.

A perfect Christmas day is playing with your new presents...

... eating good food with friends and family..

...and playing board games.

We are never ready to watch the Queen's Speech by 3pm.  If we had a PS4 we could watch it later on the i-player through our big screen.

A perfect Christmas Day is playing on the family games console all together.  At the moment we love playing on our "retro" Playstation1 and our PS2. 

Lego Marvel Superheroes would be a family favourite.

My Perfect Christmas evening would be playing Just Dance on the PS4 and SingStar on our PS2.

Then we could curl up on the sofa, open up some of our Christmas Chocolates and make the most of Netflix and LoveFilm or play new Christmas Blu-Ray DVDs , on our PSP home entertainment system.

I'm sure once the kids are sleeping, Dave would want to play some "grown up games" and really test the Next Generation Computer Features.  I love the ability to share your best moves with your friends.

I would end my perfect Christmas Day with a Baileys and go to bed feeling blessed and lucky for such a lovely day with my family.



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