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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

It's Christmas Eve

Wow! Christmas Eve already! Every one is rushing around excitedly or in a huge stress.

I still have lots to do and I even

have presents that haven't turned up in time, but I'm not going to worry about that now. Some Christmas Eve traditions, like making our Ginger Bread house, we just haven't had time for, but we will have a few spare days between Christmas and New Years to catch up. We have read our letters from Santa, watched our Portable North Pole videos from. him and are currently tracking Santa with both Norad and Google. This afternoon, I will brave the wild elements and take the girls to our local crib service, while Dave and Danny will prepare our Christmas Tea. We will then sprinkle our Reindeer Food in the garden, and lay out a drink and mince pie for Santa. The kids will each open one present from under the tree. They will have a bath with Lush Christmas Eve bathbombs and then snuggle up in their new pyjamas. In bed, we will read Christmas stories, finishing with The Night Before Christmas, of course. As the kids drift off to sleep, the real magic will begin. I love waking up Christmas Morning and discovering (hopefully) that Santa has been. Then, a lovely few days with family, food and fun. I will be thinking of friends and family sadly no longer with us and keeping special friends in my heart as they face their first Christmas with out very special family members. Wishing love and peace to all. Merry Christmas! x x x

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