Saturday, 14 December 2013

Coca-Cola: The Magic Bow Bottle

Coca-Cola The Magic Bow bottle

At the recent Mumsnet Blogfest, attending Bloggers were all given a Magic Bow bottle by the lovely team at Coca-Cola.

I have blogged before about how I love Glass Coca-Cola bottles for a treat at Christmas time.  I saved the bottle until we felt more Christmassy to open the Magic Bow.

Coca-Cola The Magic Bow bottle

My middle girls, Rebecca and Caitlyn were  delighted to do the honours.

Coca-Cola The Magic Bow bottle

Rebecca pulled the tab and Caitlyn pulled the ribbon.  However she over pulled it a bit too enthusiastically and it broke.  Thankfully, it could be repaired with sticky tape and we remade it into a traditional bow.

Coca-Cola The Magic Bow bottle

 Coca-Cola The Magic Bow bottle

It still looks pretty this way and would make a lovely gift bottle or decoration.

I tweaked it a little bit more and made it more like the Magic Bow we planned it to be!

Thank you Coca-Cola, we love this festive bottle!

We also can't wait to visit the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck tomorrow!

"Holidays are coming!"

Click here to find your nearest Coca-Cola Truck event.


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