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Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 Party Spooky Fruit Spider

This Halloween we have made Spooky Fruit Creations-  they were fun to make and healthy to eat too!

Halloween 2013 Party Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin Spider Ghost web

We created Halloween cats, spiders, ghosts and pumpkins out of pipe cleaners.  

Halloween 2013 Party Manor House Wildlife Park Pumpkins

We enjoyed a lovely Autumnal Halloweeny day at Manor House Wildlife Park- you can read all about our day there in this weeks Country Kids.

Halloween 2013 Party Pumpkin Biscuits

 We made lots of pumpkin biscuits...

Halloween 2013 Party Pumpkin and Bat  Biscuits

...and a couple of bat ones (I find they break easily while the kids decorate them so it would be too frustrating if we made too many).
  Halloween 2013 Party Freddy Krueger Costume Dress Up Face Paint

We got dressed up. Every year the kids think up their own ideas and gather the clothes and accessories needed.  They then let me know what they need help with, altering clothes, making nails etc and we spend some time finishing their costumes together.

Danny is Freddy Krueger from a Nightmare on Elm Street.

 Halloween 2013 Party Monster High Frankie Stein Dress Up Face Paint

Rebecca wanted to be Frankie Stein from Monster High.  The dress was given to her for her birthday from Nanny and as soon as Rebecca saw it she said, "This will be perfect for Halloween!"  She meant it in a good way, honest!

 Halloween 2013 Party Kids Vampire Costume

Caitlyn wanted to be a vampire, she found some old vampire bits and pieces in Danny's dressing up box.  She had already given up on the cape by the time this photo was taken!

 Halloween 2013 Party Kids Witch Costume Pumpkin Bucket

Last year Izzy was a cat, this year although she couldn't tell us what she wanted to be, she could say yes and no to the ideas that we suggested.  She said "Yes!" to dressing as a witch so the girls gave her a choice of witch costumes from their dressing up box and she chose this one.  She loves hats and is always wearing our hats, but would not wear her own Halloween Witches hat!  She looks cute anyway!

 Halloween 2013 Party Wicked Witch Elthaba Costume Dress Up Green Face Paint

I went for the easy option of a "Wicked" Witch, with Green Face Paint based on my favourite witch, Elthaba from Wicked.  I knew that I wouldn't have a lot of time to dress and do my make up after helping four kids get ready.

As I've mentioned in previous Halloween Posts, we don't do traditional trick or treating.  We drive around and visit family instead of knocking on neighours doors.  We also bring our family a "treat" (usually a biscuit or cake) instead of visiting and expecting one.  Of course, the kids do end up being spoilt every year with too many sweets and treats, but they understand that it is not the reason we visit everyone and never take it for granted.

Halloween 2013 Party

First we visited Great Granny and Grampy. Above Great Grampy is spinning Caitlyn and Izzy around on their chair as they enjoy Halloween sweeties.

Halloween 2013 Party

Next, we went to see Granny and Grampy.  Here Izzy is inspecting her sweeties she had been given so far.  Last Halloween she didn't really understand what was going on.  This year she did, she got in the line for face painting and jumped up on the chair as soon as the older kids were done and closed her eyes ready to be painted.  She enjoyed offering people biscuits and carried her pumpkin bucket with pride.  She was delighted when people put sweeties in it for her!
 Halloween 2013 Party Freddy Krueger Costume Dress Up Face Paint

Halloween 2013 Party

Dave then had to go off and bring all his band equipment to the studio ready for recording their new album today.  So we dropped him off down the workshop, he pulled off his easy Darth Vadar costume and then got to work, so no photos of him with us sorry, however we did have photos of him dressed up at a Halloween Gig last weekend.

I then took the kids to see the Halloween Yarn Bombing which had been knitted and put up  by Milford Haven Guerilla Knitters.  I love it!  Such a lovely idea to decorate a derelict building and bring it back to life for a while.

  Halloween 2013 Party  Halloween Yarn Bombing

Halloween 2013 Party  Friends

Lastly we stopped at Nanny's house which was decorated ready for a family Halloween Party.  Nanny made us hot dogs and Halloween Cakes.  Cerys and Jo had carved a beautiful Horse and Carriage Pumpkin.

Halloween 2013 Party  Friends Family Apple Bobbing

Here my girls and cousin Cerys wait to start Apple Bopping.  

Halloween 2013 Party  Friends Family Apple Bobbing

Danny and Rebecca both wanted to go first, so we had to pull straws in the end to avoid arguments, Caitlyn wanted to win an onion not an apple and when it was Izzy's turn she just used her hand to pick one out and started eating it! 

Halloween 2013 Party Wicked Witch Elthaba Costume Dress Up Green Face Paint

We had a dance to Spooky Music- I still love Ghostbusters and the Monster Mash etc!

We played on the Wii- Danny and Jo played Ghostbusting!

Halloween 2013 Party Wicked Witch Elthaba Costume Dress Up Green Face Paint

We then attempted to pass the torch around telling spooky ghost stories, this initially turned into a Joke Telling session and then we eventually together told a group ghost story.  We were just getting into our scary story and Jo noticed a white van pull up outside...it was Dave returning from the studio.

Halloween 2013 Party Wicked Witch Elthaba Costume Dress Up Green Face Paint

 He came in and got into the group story so quickly that he ended up telling the rest of the story without passing it on to everyone!  At least that shortened the story as I'm sure we could have gone on all night if it had been left to the kids!

Halloween 2013 Party Family

It was then time to say our goodbyes and make our way home.  This half term seems to have been full of late nights for the kids, but lots and lots of fun.

Thank you to all my family for making Samhain, All Hallows Eve or Halloween magical for us as always.

I can't wait for Bonfire Night, Mum's Birthday and Christmas now!  

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween too. xxx

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