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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Merits, Captains and Swim Badges

Rebecca came home with a copy of her merit from Friday today.  Normally I put it straight up on the board, until the board is full of Merits and then into their Memory folders, but today I remembered to snap the merit and upload straight away.  I hope to get into the habit of doing this and capturing the weekly bits of life like that more often!

Caitlyn also got a merit last week-I will take a pic when she beings it home.  Danny also came home very happy as he was Captain of the football team during football training.  This was a big thing for him with it being his first game of football in mainstream class so the first time to be honest he has ever really played the game.  With his heart condition, he is advised to only play Five a Side, but school know him and his limitations really well and I'm grateful they gave him a chance.

Rebecca picked up her 25m Swim Badge.  They all love swimming but I never push for them to get their badges as they already have other activities to commit to, so I was proud of her for getting it all on her own.

Danny is achieving cubs badges left, right and centre.  I need a night to catch up on sewing badges on, then I can blog about them.  He is going for his Silver Cub Scout Award at the moment too.

Well done kids!  Always proud of you! xxx



  1. Awwwew! Love happy "proud mum" posts. X

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I love reading people's quicky everyday posts too! It's remembering to write them! :-) x


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