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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Spooky Houses

I'm a bit useless in the mornings during these holidays.  Already I'm out of routine and rolling out of bed late with nothing ready for the day except a vague plan in my head.

Today that vague plan was swim, library, give blood, go argos.

Usually our swim bags are all packed.  But not today.  Everything was still in the wash from our beach and paddling pool days.  They have loads of spares but we'd gone through them all.

Maybe I can get more organised once I've cleared the backload of washing, drying and ironing that has built up due to a broken washing machine, now that Dave has installed a new one for me.

So eventually we were ready for our swim.  Our friends arrived earlier than us as we were so late, but we still managed a play with them.  That was fun.

I hadn't packed a picnic so we had to waste money on food.  We had a mad rush to the library and caught up with more friends.  We complete the Summer Reading Challenge and activities every year.  

We signed ourselves into the acivities- it is the first year that Caitlyn has been old enough to join in.  We listened to the spooky stories and then went on to make our haunted houses.

They had a spooky photo taken too to add to the house next week.

Tonight, we went to give blood.  I failed the test again!  I had a full blood count taken and will get the results next week.  I'm always slightly anaemic and borderline for giving blood  so I suspect my fail was due to a busy day and giving blood late in the day.  I hope I'm allowed again next time!

 But Ceri "passed with flying colours" and got given her pin for ten blood donations!  Well done, Ceri! I know you've struggled with giving blood in the past too but always keep trying!  Your first pin of many, I'm sure!

Then I went to Argos and picked up a buggy for Izzy, so despite not being organised my "vague" plan worked out quite well in the end!

Off to Folly Farm tomorrow to see the Penguins- I can't wait!

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