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Thursday, 29 August 2013

My 99p Summer Challenge #My99pSummer


We have taken part in the #My99pSummer Competition.  We were given £10 vouchers to spend in our local 99p Store.

I challenged the kids to choose items that we could use again and again so that we could use them to have fun every Summer.

We enjoyed browsing the 99p Summer Range.  They had lots of Summer  BBQ bargains!

The first three things that  the children chose were reusable drinks bottles.  We bring water with us everywhere and our old bottles needed replacing.  It saves us lots of money and plastic waste refilling our bottles with tap water rather than buying drinks.

I love Danny's camping bottle- he eventually swapped the black version for the silver one.  It came with a clip so he could attach it to his rucksack.  The girls loved the bright character designs on their bottles.

I noticed they even sell running bottles, so I will be buying here when my current one needs replacing!

I chose our fourth purchase.  10 mini storage boxes.  A bargain at 99p.  I love little storage boxes as they can be used for a variety of uses.  Stationery, travel, craft and so on.  I wanted these ones to create my own raisin packs for the kids.   It is far cheaper to buy a big pack of raisins and portion them out into reusable tubs.  The girls love raisins so I knew we'd make good use of these for on the go snacks every day.

Danny chose our fifth purchase.  A First Aid kit.  Having four kids, one of whom has a heart condition and is on warfarin, I never go anywhere without a family First Aid Kit.  This Summer, Danny had a few days out planned without me, so he wanted his own mini First Aid Kit to bring out with him.  He has a clip hook of his own, so he labelled the kit and clipped it to his ruck sack.

I was impressed with the range of travel items.

Our fifth purchase: a roll up picnic blanket!  We use ours all the time.  Keep it in the car or under the buggy.  Even the youngest love to carry it down to the beach or park for a picnic.  They are brilliant!

I chose our seventh purchase.  A 10 Litre Cool Bag to keep our drinks and BBQ food chilled while out and about and in the woods or on the beach.  We have had lots of use out of this.  I love the Polka Dot Design!


My kids love to buy Garden Ornaments from the 99p Store.  We didn't purchase any for the challenge but think the range is great!

Our eighth purchase:  reusable ice lolly makers!  This Summer has been so hot that I couldn't keep up with the demand for homemade ice lollies, so I needed another mould.  Again, this is a huge summer saver.  Use any drinks you have at home- squash and milk are economical.  Our favourite quick, healthy lollies are just orange or apple juice.  Sometimes we make smoothy, milkshake or traffic light lollies too but orange juice are the favourites!

Our nineth purchase was a salad bowl and serving tongs.  I actually only needed new tongs, but at 99p for both it was cheaper to buy the set.  You can never have too many serving bowls!  We have had many salads and fruit salads in our new set.

Our tenth  bargain buy was a  last but not least new ice bucket.  Perfect for keeping the kids bottles cool while in the garden, at the beach or by the river.  It's great for popping a few bottles of beer or a bottle of wine in while the kids have gone to bed too!

I love how this £10 99p Stores Ltd Voucher has given us so much thrifty fun throughout the whole Summer.

We've walked the coastal path...

... been to the local paddling pool not to mention our own at home...

...had fun BBQ's in our own garden and our friends and family...

...kept our drinks on ice...

... made lots of ice lollies to help keep us cool...

... delicious and healthy...

...used the cool bag to bring my chilled veggy sausages to the woods for BBQs...

...and campfires...

...used the picnic blanket at Castles and the beach...

... our items have also been put to use at Folly Farm, Castell Henllys, Warner bros Studios, Chessington World of Adventures and everywhere we have been this Summer.

Saving us money everywhere we went!

What would you buy for your own #My99pSummer?

Disclosure:  We were given a £10 voucher for 99pStores Lt to purchase the above items.  All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Love this! Good to see that it is possible to enjoy yourself with so little money- thank goodness for the 99p shop! I love it and will be down there before our holiday in two weeks time! :-) xxx

  2. looks like you had a very cool time

  3. what great choices for fun over and over again, well done

  4. My entire experience with storage has been like a fabulous dream. The units were clean, dry and in good shape, and there was good access for cars & trucks.


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