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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Birthday Party #CPKParty

Rebecca and I were so excited when we received our invitation to the Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Birthday party.  We were counting down the number of sleeps until the big day arrived.   I can still remember begging my mum and dad for my own Cabbage Patch Doll.  We went shopping in Swansea and the display of dolls looked and smelt wonderful! The adoption certificate just made my doll feel even more special to me.

The party was held at Hamleys, London.  This meant Rebecca would not only be having her first visit to London, but also her first long, overnight journey on the Megabus.  I had no idea how she would be, as like all kids (and adults too), when she's tired, she is not at her best!  I hoped the excitement for a wonderful event would help get her through...and it did.

We got on the bus at 2.45am.  I put a blanket over her, cuddled up and told her she could go back to sleep.  She said, "First I have a surprise for you and  Nanny".  She handed us both pretty red, decorated envelopes.  Inside each one was a Thank You note for taking her to London...we still hadn't left Pembrokeshire at this point!  It was such a sweet gesture and it reassured me that she would cope well with the trip.

We got the tube to Oxford Circus (another first for Rebecca) and made our way to Hamleys.  The store was closed to the public, but we were allowed in by the Guard with our "Special Invite".  We were greeted straight away and introduced to our first host.  He was lovely and chatted to Rebecca and immediately put her at ease. He even spoke Welsh to us to make us feel at home!  

Rebecca was on her own at first and it was a good time to catch our breath after the long journey and soak in the magic of this wonderful shop.

She took advantage of the queue free Face Painting while she had the chance.

I think she chose "Northern Lights" for her design.

It was very pretty anyway.  I love the Toadstool Stool above.  I may have to paint one like that!

Then the rest of the group arrived and the Cabbage Patch Party really began!  The first party game Rebecca played was Pass the Parcel.  She had fun despite not opening any of the layers.  There was one very happy winner at the end!

Next up was Rebecca's favourite game, "Duck, Duck, Goose".  I have lots of blurry photos of this game as Rebecca ran unbelievably fast when it was her turn.  It was very sweet as the little girl who won had looked after her younger sister during the whole game.  Rebecca was glad that she won, as she is also an older sister to two sisters who she likes to look after too. 

The Celebration Dolls looked lovely and I would have liked to have joined in the games to have a chance to win one myself!  

Then the kids played Beans.  They loved this fast paced game, but they said they would announce the winners for our group at the end, so I'm not sure who was the best "Bean"!  I thought they were all fantastic and it would have been difficult to choose.

We sat at the craft table, Rebecca coloured in a picture and decorated a plant pot cup.  We then planted cabbage seeds in it, so Rebecca will hopefully have her own little  Cabbage Patch soon.  We grew cabbages when we were little and I can remember one year, they were completely covered in snow.  It was beautiful (though maybe not so good for the cabbages).

The 80's Retro Party Spread was delicious.  I thought there would only be enough food for the little party guests so just filled a plate for Rebecca initially.  However, there was so much food there we were all encouraged to get some.  I liked how the food was labelled, this helps me make my choices as  a vegetarian and I loved the Monster Munch crisps!

Of course you have to have a hedgehog Cheese and Pineapple at a retro event too.  I am such an eighties throwback that I still make these for our family parties even when there is not a retro theme.

The cake looked amazing, even after the poor dolly had fell down.  We think the party must have been too exciting for her!

Rebecca in full party mode!

We met a real Cabbage Patch Doll!  What a lovely cuddle she is giving Rebecca.  We want to find the doll of this character, as she is now Rebecca's favourite.

Photo by event Official Photographer

We all sang Happy Birthday to the wonderful Cabbage Patch Kids!

Photo by event Official Photographer

Rebecca was delighted to receive a Cabbage Patch Kids Goody Bag.  We even got to take one for Caitlyn, who was to ill to travel with us for the event.

We then watched a Magic Show and enjoyed the last moments in store before Hamleys opened it's doors to the public.  There was already a huge queue waiting outside.

We went to Shaketastic for a Thirst Aid Smoothie to revive us after a busy morning.  They really are lovely.

Rebecca took a moment to look through her wonderful goody bag.  When she got home she shared her goodies out with her older brother, Danny and baby sister Izzy.

We carried this Cabbage Patch balloon all through London and home on the Megabus with us.  It was teeny by the time we arrived home at 1am Monday.

We had a lovely time at the party.  Thank you Corinna and Norton and Co for organising this lovely event.  It was lovely to have some quality time on my own with my gorgeous little girl. 

As you can see she loves her adopted  Cabbage Patch Doll so this was a dream come true!  Thank you!

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