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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lush Blogger Event Cardiff

Last night I finally met some fellow Welsh Bloggers for the first time and got to go to a Blogger event at my favourite store, Lush, in Cardiff.

Unfortunately, I arrived a little bit late but thoroughly enjoyed the time that I did spend there. 

I first chatted to Leanne and Rosie, which immediately put me at ease.  There was lots going on: hair and skin consultations, massage and Lush making (we made Angels on bare Skin Cleanser).

I had a big blogger fail and allowed my phone battery to die before I could take any photos of all the goodies!  

Emotional Brilliance

I played the "Emotional Brilliance" game.  I closed my eyes, the colour wheel was spun, I opened my eyes when it stopped and chose the three colours that stood out to me.

I found out that these colours represented, 1.  My strength and weakness:  Glamorous,  2.  My Subconscious: Drive and 3:  My Aspiration:  Passionate.

They also show that I like Pinks and Purples a lot!

Looking again at the colours, with a view to wearing them, I like this one, Confident.


As you know, I love my kids being creative and to have fun bath times, but I also want to know that the product they use is good for their skin and the environment.  Fun is perfect!  I would have had "fun" last night if we'd have all sat around a table making models out of Fun.  It really is great!  I was allowed a few samples and couldn't resist buying a Red yesterday for the kids   (and me!) to enjoy.  I wish I'd got Yellow now to  make "rubber ducks".

As well as being for the bath, hair body and for can even use it to hand wash clothes.  Imagine how amazing your smalls would smell after washing in Fun?!

This makes it a great travel product but remember to keep it wrapped up well so it doesn't dry out!

Gorilla Perfumes

Stupidly, I didn't try out any of the new Gorilla Fragrances so I can't tell you about them.  Instead I went for my all time favourite (but not had for ages!) Imogen Rose.  What can I say about it?  It smells of roses.  I wear it and my life smells of roses (it makes me happy!)  Some people don't like such floral scents, but Imogen Rose suits me and is me.  I just need to ask nicely for some for my birthday!

I also bought an Ickle Baby Bot for baby Izzy.  I love these!

I had a great night and am going to add lots of Welsh Bloggers to my Blog Roll now and enjoy reading your blogs.  I can't wait to meet up with you all again!

Thank you to everyone at Lush for a lovely night and four our lovely Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser (review coming soon...), you were all lovely and I can't wait to see you again!


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  1. I just tried the BB Seaweed, and it feels so good. This event looks great, I bet it was nice to try products you might not have thought of before. Great post lovely. x
    Heroine In Heels


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