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Monday, 17 June 2013

Composting, Green Cleaning and Reusable shopping bags

This month the theme for Pinkoddy's Motivational Monday is Green.  I have been meaning to join in all month as I am always trying to improve our environmentally friendly habits.

As, June is such a busy month and I am running behind both on my blog and in real life, this is a post about what I am going to do this week to help our family be more Green.


We have two Compost Bins in our garden and compost all our fruit and veg peelings, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, garden cuttings and some newspaper.

However, the job of carrying the kitchen waste down to the compost bin at the bottom of the garden always falls to me, so I would like to get the kids involved.

I need to find a better container, with a lid and a handle for our kitchen waste.  We have used various containers over time and I'm currently using an old ice cream tub, which I know will split soon.  Having a handle will make it easier for the kids to carry.

Then, I need to put a little footstool by the compost bin so they can reach easily to open the bin and pour the food in.

I'm also thinking of putting stepping stones on the grass to walk across when it is wet and muddy, but these may cause a problem when mowing the lawn (which I need to do as soon as it's dry enough).

This week we will be taking part in the Brit Mums #kidsgrowwild gardening challenge, and I need to weed around the patio.  The kids will enjoy "rescuing" the poor worms that no doubt will pop up and "rehoming" them in our compost bin to help speed up the breaking down process.

Green Cleaning

This week I will be reviewing some Environmentally Friendly cleaning products.  I go through phases were I make my own natural cleaning products and others where I use store bought.  I try and buy green when I can afford it but admit to resorting to value products when the month is longer than the money (which it usually is!).

Say No to Plastic Carrier Bags


I have always been an active "Say No to Plastic Bags" supporter and embraced the 5p carrier bag charge in Wales.  We are so used to bringing our own bags everywhere now, that I am shocked when I have visited London and Bristol recently and seen so many cheap, thin, plastic bags everywhere.  They always end up blown up into trees, not to mention the sea causing problems for the sea life.

The shop assistants  handed me an unwanted bag before I have had the opportunity to tell them that I have my own.  Therefore, this weekend while I am in London shopping, I will make sure I keep my Welsh habits and use my own reusable carrier bag to hand before they start to give me an unwanted unnecessary plastic one.

As well as being greener, your own bags are bigger, easier to carry, look better and last longer.  If you are concerned about not having "The Brand" on the bag then buy your favourite stores reusable bag and aways remember to bring it on your visit there.

Green Month

Pop over to Pinkoddy (or should that now be Greenoddy?!)'s blog for more motivaton to be green this week!

Motivational Monday


  1. Love the cute little gardening kit and I agree with you about trying to use more eco friendly cleaning products's a very important issue xx

    1. It's lovely, isn't it? Can't wait for the kids to make us of it. xx

  2. What a great post.

    I never thought about encouraging the kids to empty the compost - I usually show them the bugs in there, mind my youngest helps put garden waste in there.

    You will have to share some of your home made cleaning products, I have a draft about that as it is cheaper isn't it (but tbh I've just not got into that habit yet).

    I think the reusable bags issue is very important and I thought it great when they brought it in in Wales. How often I buy just a bag of potatoes and I'm asked if I want a bag for them!!

    Thank you for linking up and whoop see you on Friday.

    1. Thanks. Yes, mine love the bugs in there too. :-)

      Blogging home cleaning products is another thing I've been meaning to do for ages too. That's actually one reason why I started reading blogs- looking for green cleaning instructions etc :-)

      Yes, see you Friday (am relieved you don't have to give me a kick up the bum in person now! ;-) )


  3. Compost bins are something I need to get in my kitchen. I notice that some councils give out 2 mini compost bins and collect them - one for meaty scrap and one for veggies ect.
    I am off to IKEA later this week so will hunt out a suitable storage option!

  4. Our council gave us the big Garden Compost bins and businesses also got given little counter top ones too. Then they rolled out little counter green bins for non compostable food waste and larger outdoor ones that they empty for us. We also have a green crate for glass bottles which means no more visits to the bottle bank for us!

    I look forward to seeing what you get from Ikea. Two and a half hours away for me. We use Ikea for our indoor orange bag and glass collecting. Those stackable flippy lids ones (not actual name!). :-)

  5. Say yes to reusable bags for environment.


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