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Sunday, 30 June 2013

A Beautiful Day Out at Colby Woodland Gardens National Trust Wales

Our favourite National Trust Day out in Pembrokeshire is visiting Colby Woodland Gardens.  Until you visit the gardens for yourself you can not truly appreciate how vast and beautiful they are.

We try to visit all year round to experience the garden during the different seasons.  However, our recent visit was the first very hot, sunny day that we had visited.

As a result of the weather, we didn't get to see as much of the gardens and woodland as we normally do as it was so tiring walking around in the heat.  It was lovely to see families relaxing, sunbathing in beautiful spots of the gardens instead of rushing around.

As soon as we arrived and parked in the free carpark the kids started ticking off things from their #50things Challenge.  They climbed trees as I unpacked the buggy for Isabelle from the car.

There are beautiful, colourful views all around in every direction.


It was our first visit there that I had seen the "50 Things" signs encouraging visitors to have a go and tick of some activities on their 50 Things Challenge list.


I found these enhanced the visit and encouraged us to make the most of our time there.


Danny always enjoys "Dam-ing a Stream".  His sisters helped him.  Even Izzy fetched smaller stones for him.


Danny and Caitlyn love playing in streams.  They don't mind getting wet and drying off naturally in the Sun.


Danny did all the heavy lifting!


A job well done, Danny!


A fallen or felled tree provided natural play too.  It was even scored across the top to enable safer balancing.

Danny ran across the tree nimbly, but the girls were more cautious and at first edged carefuly across on their knees.  If they hesitated, Danny would encourage them.

They soon gained more confidence to rise higher and walk across the tree.

There are lots of bridges crossing the streams at Colby, so we had plenty of opportunity to play Pooh Sticks.  

We needed lots of water!

There are a couple of different ponds all busting with pond life.  The kids loved exploring these.

I love this photo of Caitlyn as it's very rare to find a photo of her relaxing and just looking around her.  She's at that age where she can't sit and "be".


A few pretty shots.

We enjoyed looking at all the different Statues and Decorations in the Gardens.

I love the colours in this shot of Rebecca.

First Rebecca's favourite colour, pink, followed by Caitlyn's favourite, blue.

They played with the water fountains on their way into the Walled Gardens.  I didn't take many photos in here as my battery went.  Danny did on his tablet, so I will add them to my Google Plus album when I get the chance.

The kids were happy that once again there was a tree swing.  Even Izzy had a go with me holding onto her- I don't fully trust that she would keep holding on yet!


Danny always loves swinging like a monkey in the trees.

I love reflections in the water.

These photos of Izzy made me laugh.  She reminds me of Carrie in Little House on the Prairie.

Danny is always spotting signs of nature and wildlife and pointing them out to us.  I learn so much when I'm out with him.



I love this view of Colby!

This is a lovely memorial to the lady who founded Colby Woodland Garden.

Colby Woodlands is a great day out that I would recommend for all ages and in any weather.  

We are also continuing our #50things Challenge and really enjoying it!

You can find out more about National Trust Events in Wales on their Facebook Page or over on Twitter.

Disclosure:  We are National Trust Wales Bloggers and received free tickets for this Day Out.  However all views and opinions are our own and we have always loved Colby Woodland Gardens.
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  1. I'm not surprised you return several times a year - Colby is stunning and has so much to offer for a great family day out! The children must have ticked off quite a few from their list and judging by the lovely photos had so much fun doing so. Thanks for sharing your outdoor adventures with Country Kids.

  2. This is a brilliant post, your children are such Country Kids it's brilliant. I adore the dam building, and the stream exploration with the different animals. Your photos show off Colby brilliantly and I think we'll have to make a trip down there over the Summer.

    I'd love it if you would link up to the 50 Things linky I have on my blog, it's under the Natural Childhood tab.

    Nipping over from County Kids.

  3. i love this, so many gorgeous photos showing all the colours of nature. I love National Trust too, and we try to go somewhere as often as possible - this place looks like it has something for everyone! :)

  4. What a brilliant day out. The 50 things campaign is fab isn't it. Looks like you all had a great time ticking things off your list :)

  5. Wow that looks a fab day out - and so much colour and beautiful scenery. Danny is really brave isn't he. Loving the fallen tree.

    Do you have to put the dam stuff back once you've done it?


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