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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Round Table Teddy Bears Picnic with Country Kids #50things

Picture:  Western Telegraph

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend, Milford Haven Round Table organised a Teddy Bears Picnic for all the local families to enjoy.

The closed the road down the Rath and put on free rides, bands, a show and laid out picnic tables.

All we had to bring was a picnic, our teddies and ourselves!  We also bought money to donate to Prostate Cymru!

When we first arrived, the kids went on all the free rides and bouncy castles.  We played "Guess the Name of the Teddy" and "Guess How Many Balloons".

We sat down with our "Teddies" and enjoyed our picnic.  Our teddies were a Cherry Dolly, a tiger, a big dolly and a Monkey!

We watched the Crazy Bears Show and danced to the Samba band- it's impossible not to.

As always, even during a town event, my little ones found a little bit of country to play in.  

They climbed through the railings and ran down the grassy hill to have a play on the lower part of the Rath.

This brings back so many memories for me of me and my older sister playing on the circular, concrete raised border.  Games of tag, running round and round.  Of course "in our day" it was full of carefully tended flowers.  The council have let a lot of the lower borders be grassed over to save money and time.  This is until we have an important visitor to our town,  and then they will overspend on making the area look wonderful again.  

The Rath is a lovely place to go as it offers one of the best views of the Haven, in it's heyday thousands of us watched the Tall Ships from a spot on the Rath; and the late Margaret Thatcher came with all pomp and splendour in the nineties to open "The Water Gardens", this was to be a huge Tourist Attraction.  Now, it has been drained of water and is just used for dog walkers, kids playing or teens to hang out.  

There is an open crazy golf there too but I have never once had a "proper game" there, we always bring a kiddy set or play with marbles or whatever we have on, lego etc.  I have even played down there with a ball of screwed up paper!  Very resourceful of me!

I have lovely memories of my mum, late dad and late nanny and grampy down there too. In fact, Grampy is on a postcard of the Rath, sitting on a bench looking out to the sea.  I think I need to right a whole post about the Rath!

The area is still naturally beautiful.  

It has lots of natural big hills, perfect for rolling down.  

And finding "treasure" as you walk back up!

The girls about to roll!  I love the bunting!

Rolin', rollin', rollin'!

Can you remember that "giggling with glee until you're weak" feeling that you get when you roll down a hill?  

Bump!  Then back to Earth with a bang!  

Shortly followed by a run back up the hill, to roll down again, again...

and again!

Then in the natural rhythm of play, a sit down and a moment of calm.

Duelling with the weeds.  We always call this game "Conkers" even though we are not using there another word for it?  

Having fun searching for the best "Conker", Dandelions to make a wish and daisies to chain.

Rebecca looks for felled flowers to make a bouquet for her room.  

The next Round Table event will be our town Carnival.  In fact this year, the Carnival route is returning to it's original route across the Rath.

The "Carnival's coming home".

Milford Haven Carnival is my favourite town event of the year-I can't wait!

Well done to all the Round Table- you do a great job!  We really appreciate it!  

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