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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Milford Haven:The Docks- Lobster Pots and Hermit Crabs

Last Sunday, we needed to get out for a walk to blow away the cobwebs.  We walked from our house, through Hakin, to Milford Docks.

The Docks is still a working Port and Docks as well as catering for the leisure boat owners and tourists.  Danny's first "find" on our walk was this fish bone.

All the kids collected rope again too.  We have quite a collection of different ropes and nets at home that we have collected from the beach. Unfortunately  trawler nets fall into the sea, and get washed back onto the shore, causing problems for wildlife.  Many turtles, seals, dolphins and whales get trapped in them.  It's very sad.

We always see lots of Lobster Pots down the beach and on the Docks too.  

Danny loves lobsters- both as interesting creatures and to eat them, so he took a good look into the Pots in case any lobsters had been left behind.  I've never liked to eat fish, so when my family used to take me down the Docks, I would just moan about the smell, Danny "is a completely different kettle of fish" (haha!) the total opposite to me.

We didn't find any lobsters, but he found a couple of Conch Shells.

And of course, within each Conch Shell was a Hermit Crab.  Neither was alive, unfortunately.  Hermit Crabs are a common by-catch in Lobster Pots and are then used as bait.  If they had been alive, I would have released them back on the beach.

Here is the Hermit Crab.  When you find one living on the beach, you often find other creatures sharing the shell, just like in the Julia Donaldson book.

The Docks.  The Milford Haven Waterway is the largest estuary in Wales and one of the deepest natural harbours in the world.

Milford Haven Docks

Lobster pots ready to go out to sea.

A memorial plaque for an old friend.  As I was talking to my children about Ross, I realised that two of my children have been born since he died so they have no memory of him.  Rebecca was under a year old, so only Danny really got to know him.  It didn't feel like he had died that long ago.

Mum had bought her car down to the Docks, so she gave Danny a lift home before he got too tired due to his Heart Condition (HLHS).  Caitlyn went with them too as it was a fair way for her little legs.  

Rebecca, Izzy (in the buggy) and I made our way home.

I love old signs on buildings, revealing what they used to be.  Another lifetime ago.

Rebecca collected feathers and flowers on our walk.  I accidentally pictured her with a Cactus on her head!  

In the field, close to home we blew Dandelion seeds and made wishes.  

Make a wish blowing dandelion seeds

What would you wish for?


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