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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Easter fun at Broadhaven Beach #Countrykids

Well, well, well, the clocks have "Sprung forward", the sun is shining in the morning and it is still light when we are are putting the kids to bed...it's that lovely "light" time of year.  

I love the Easter holidays, we've had lay-ins, lots of chocolate and many outings  and garden play.

I am dreading Monday morning when the kids go back to school, that dull routine of early mornings, uniforms, packed lunches, homework...

On the positive side, I will only have one child at home so I will (hopefully) be able to clear up all the clutter and mess that has accumulated while we are all home in the holidays.  I also need to earn more money as our washing machine has broken, so I'm hand-washing for six and as well as that our vacuum cleaner is slowly on it's way out.  It keeps teasing me by dying, then coming back to life again!  I need you, please don't leave me!

Therefore our days out have been a much needed respite.  We have done lots of Beach days out for Country Kids, but it's interesting to see how Beach Play differs throughout the year, scenic walks in the Winter, sandcastles and rock pools in Spring, Swimming and Water toys in the Summer and sharing hot chips in the Autumn!  

On this visit to Broadhaven, Danny enjoyed the playing in the cave.  He bought Izzy inside it to teach her about the dark, then back into the sunshine, telling her, "Light!"

They climbed the rocks and steps, and made sandcastles.  We still have lots of Union Jacks left from the Jubilee and Olympics, so they were put to use.  I need to get some Welsh flags too!  

Isabelle had fun exploring the shells and pebbles.  She even had a play with Danny's net at one point.  She's at that age where she walks into the rock pools and giggles with glee at paddling in the icy cold water whilst fully dressed- I wish I still had that carefree attitude of childhood.  The photo of the children in a group is Danny showing the girls what he had caught so far.  I love how kids instantly make friends on the beach over spotting a crab or blenny, or making a moat together.

We enjoyed more sandcastles and climbing.  I had to stop Izzy from climbing too high and prevent Danny from climbing too far away... he'd be happy to rock climb all the way to the next beach.

Danny loved using mussels and clams as bait and catching crabs and blennies.  Here he is holding a baby crab.  So cute!  Danny kept warm `going in and out of the rock pools by wearing his Warm Belly wetsuit, which was kindly donated to him from Heartline.  This enables Danny and other babies and children with congenital heart disease the opportunity to stay on the beach or in a pool for as long as their heart healthy friends and siblings.  They are available to all Heartline members.

I included this phone panoramic that I took- it went wrong but I love it anyway!   Sorry Mum for splitting you in half, but I love the colours, Danny chatting to a friend and Rebecca on the rocks.

It was a lovely day and we must have really loved the walk along the beach as Mum did it an extra time to take the girls to the toilet, then once we'd left and were enjoying our ice-cream we noticed we had left Izzy's shoe on the beach, so Mum walked back to get  the shoe.  Then a kind family told me that Danny had left his towel, so I walked back to get his towel.  When I returned to Mum and the kids we discovered that Izzy had lost her other shoe-I kid you not!  So, I had one more walk to collect her shoe- you couldn't make it up.  

The kids were good walking back to the car.  It's always harder as you're sandy, wet, cold, tired...and covered in ice-cream!  However, they didn't moan so all was good!  

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Holidays - Roll on half-term!  

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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