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Sunday, 28 April 2013

A walk to the park with #CountryKids

Following on from our walk to the Docks, in order to go it a bit further this time, I parked down by the Docks and we walked on from there.  We walked  and scootered across the cycle path which leads to The Rath.  

Docks to Rath walk Milford Haven Caitlyn Rock

We passed Scotch Bay and I let the children have a little play down there before we continued to the steep Rath.  They found me more sea rope and net.  We will have enough to make a den soon!

Docks to Rath walk Milford Haven Scotch Bay
I googled "Scotch Bay" to double check that this was the correct name as there are bays all along and I do confuse them sometimes.  I found this old photo on Flickr!  I love discovering old photos of my town and comparing it to how it looks today.  The railway track is no longer in use and there are more houses built up, but the coast, sea and the path look the same.  

Scotch bay, Milford haven

Danny showing me one of his finds as Toby dog looks on. 

Docks to Rath Scotch Bay Danny

The kids were really good walking along the cycle path and beach.  The hard part was getting them through the urban area and crossing the road- they really are Country Kids!

Docks to Rath Scotch Bay Pill Park Rebecca Cerys

I was relieved when we got to the park and they could run free safely again- that's all they want to do and why shouldn't they get that chance when their young.  Shame roads get in the way sometimes!

Docks to Rath Scotch Bay Pill Park Isabelle Swing

Isabelle enjoyed the swing.  I used to have a baby swing in the garden, but it fell apart eventually (not with a baby in it!), so hopefully I can buy one for her this Summer and then sell it on once she's big enough for an open swing.

Docks to Rath Scotch Bay Pill Park see saw Caitlyn Danny Jo

Caitlyn, Danny and Aunty Jo Jo on the See-Saw.  Do you know, between the five children no combinations seemed to balance out.  We always had to have an adult helping push down the See-Saw.  See-saws aren't the same as they used to be when I was younger.
Docks to Rath Scotch Bay Caitlyn Jo See Saw

Caitlyn hanging around!

Docks to Rath Scotch Bay Pill Park Caitlyn hang

Danny, Isabelle and Aunty Ceri on the swings.

Being the youngest, Izzy is never short of someone to push her on the swings!

Pill Park Danny Isabelle Swings

We really wanted a photo of all the kids together on the Helter Skelter slides.  Unforunately, we kept missing the opportunities, so we didn't manage it.

Docks to Rath Scotch Bay Pill Park Caitlyn climb tree

Then as if by the chance the kids all started climbing the same tree and arranged themselves into a perfect photo.

Pill Park Climb Tree

Of course "Climb a tree" is number one on the National Trust's "Things to do before you're 11 3/4" Checklist.  Do sign up if you haven't already.  Such great inspiration to re do activities with the children or try something new such as Geocaching!

National Trust Fifty Things Climb a Tree

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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