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Thursday, 7 March 2013

GKFW - Raising Money for Kids Company

From a young age children have their own unique fashion sense.  My kids love getting dressed at weekends - they know they can be creative and wear what they like and what they feel most comfortable in.


Rebecca enjoys looking through the children's wear catalogues that we get in the post.  She takes inspiration from them and even makes up outfits based on the ideas she likes.  Sometimes, she will ask me to sew her something or help her to customise her old clothes to update them.  She often asks Nanny to knit her a cardigan or shrug in a certain style. 

rebecca fashion

She will be delighted to hear that Alex and Alexia are launching Global Kids Fashion Week from 18 – 20 March 2013.  During the first event of it's kind there will be children's fashion shows, activities and competitions all staged in London.

Tickets are priced from £16.50 and all proceeds from this event will be donated to their charity partner, Kids Company.

Fear not though, if you cannot make it to London for Global Kids' Fashion Week.  You can still be inspired by "the Global Style Destination for kids", Alexa and Alexia.

 Alex and Alexa.com offer the "world's best kids' designer clothes, kids designer shoes, super cool school and home accessories and the very best kids toys and designer baby gifts.

I browsed their website and quickly found high quality outfits that I knew would suit each of my children.  

alex and alexa Collage

Although, Isabelle, Caitlyn, Rebecca and Danny like wearing nice clothes, they're not conscious of "designer labels" yet, however I know they would be more than happy to wear these designer outfits.  

This is a sponsored post.

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