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Monday, 4 February 2013

Walking in the clouds at Marloes Sands #Countrykids

On Saturday we drove to Marloes Sands, near Dale.  From the free carpark, it is just over half a mile walk to the beach. 

I say walk, of course we didn't walk, we ran.


Apart from a little someone who's legs are too tiny to walk or run that far yet!

"Here I am, Mummy!"


We knew that the beach didn't have easy access for buggies, but I find her too heavy for the baby carrier now.  So we let her choose a mixture of walking and being carried.  This is fine when big, strong Daddy is with us, but I've got the baby reins and her sling (to wear her on the hip) ready for our next walk sans Daddy.  It's hard to believe we're already at this stage.  I should probably ditch the pushchair and buy a stroller for the Summer too.

Did I just mention Summer?  What a sunny day it was on Saturday.  These photos really could have been taken during the Summertime.  Of course the seasons all blend into each other and change gradually, but the distinctions between them all seem to be a lot more blurred than when I was little.  

I am currently painting a set of paintings to represent each season, however, they are representing our stereotypical seasons rather than our actual mish mashed confused ones!  I will try to add elements of the changing of the seasons with each one, of course.


The kids were pointing out to me views they thought would make pretty paintings.


"I can see the sea!"  I love that stretch of the walk to the beach, you can see it, hear it, smell it, just a few more yards to go until you can even  touch it!


It reminds me of past Summer Holidays in boiling hot countries.  You are so hot and flustered by the walk, you get to the beach, dump your stuff, burn your feet running down to the sea, just to have a quick dip in the water to cool down.

I love swimming in the sea here in the UK, but I run in slightly more tentatively!  The cold sea is always very invigorationg once you get acclimatised to it!


On the way, there is a perfect little bridge for playing "Pooh Sticks".


And I wonder where these magical steps could lead us to?  A Giant's cave or Princesses Castle, perhaps?  

It will be lovely when all the kids are older (and less impulsive) to explore the Coastal Path and cliff top walks more.  However, for now, we stick to the family friendly paths and beaches! 


Danny showing us the safety aspects of the beach!


These are the steps down to the beach,  it is more accessible than some of the beaches with steeper access.  In Pembrokeshire, the popular tourist beaches all have easy access for wheelchair and pushchair users.  However, the more rural beaches can be more of a challenge to get onto so always check before you visit.


Rebecca playing with Isabelle.  I love to see her playing with the shells and pebbles, but we had to watch that she didn't eat any!


Sea weed


You may have to play spot the child in some of these pictures.  I deliberately didn't zoom in on them or crop the photos as I love seeing the scale of the size of the beach.


The photos were stunning on their own and would have been spoilt with an edit.


Isabelle loved being able to walk and fall on the beach safely!  
I have a sore throat so ignore my voice in this little clip.  I just loved seeing her walking.

Here is Danny in another gorgeous photo.  Look at the colour of that sky!
I just know that in any photos that I take of this beach during the Summer, it will probably be raining with grey skies!


It's lovely to have all that space to play in and all to ourselves.  How rich are we?  
 We may not have gold dust, but we have all the golden sand we need. 

(Especially in my house and car it seems!)


There are lots of large rock pools on this beach.  In the Summer, I expect Izzy will enjoy paddling through them.  Actually she would have enjoyed it on Saturday too!  I also need to buy her a pair of wellies and a waterproof suit.


James Bond takes his drink like Caitlyn- on the rocks!


Ripples in the sand!  We all had our boots and wellies on!  I can't wait to be barefoot on the sand again! Especially warm sand.


 When I'm on the beach and no man made features are visible to me, I could be in another time or World.



I love the clouds reflected in the water. 


Caitlyn enjoying her freedom! 
I had a good run about too which I needed.


Running to the sea.  It draws you closer.


Caitlyn is walking through the clouds.  On top of the World.


Three Caitlyns. 


Isabelle enjoyed running after her shadow.  This reminded me of Peter Pan when Wendy has to sew his shadow back on.

I was struck by how grown up she looks in her shadow.
Starting to become a little girl.


There were lots of signs all day pointing to how grown up she and all the kids are getting.

Time stops still for no one.


Oh, look at her first proper shoe print in the sand!


If you're a movie fan, you may recognise this beach.


It was used for filming Snow White and the Huntsman.  They stuck a computer generated castle onto Ramsay Island.  They didn't get a licence to close the footpath and beach so locals could have a nose!

ファイル:The Marloes Sands filming location for the film Snow White and the Huntsman.jpg

The Shell Cottage scene in Harry Potter was filmed on Freshwater West.  We went there for the day to see the Shell Cottage.  We could see all the "stars" on their camp on the cliffs and the director would shout directions at us members of the public to ensure that we were not in the shot. 

The battle scene in Robin Hood (Russell Crowe version) was also shot there with many Pembrokeshire folk cast as extras.  I really wanted Dave to audition as he already looks the part, but he wouldn't take a day off work.


Walking the half mile back to the car always feels longer than the half mile towards the beach, doesn't it?

I was grateful when the sound of the thunderous, crashing waves quietened down and was eventually replaced by bleating sheep.

This meant that four tired children and a mum and dad could go home and rest their tired legs before setting off on another adventure the following day...

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