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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Shrove Tuesday- Our Pancake Recipes

Pancake with chocolate strawberry and squirty cream

I love pancakes and in our house they are eaten all year round not just on Pancake Day.  Throughout the year, we tend to eat them simply with sugar and lemon, however on Pancake Day each Evans-Critten gets to make their perfect pancake recipe.

I know that Pancake Day originated from Christians making pancakes to use up all the foods that they would be giving up for Lent, however I'm (a teeny bit) ashamed to say we break tradition and go out and buy ingredients in to fill ours!   

We use the basic "One Cup" recipe to make our pancakes.

One egg
One Cup Flour
One Cup Milk

Of course, we had to multiply the recipe and use three cups of each to feed our all our monkeys!  We also added sugar and cinnamon to season.  When we have it, I also like to use vanilla sugar.   

At home, Dave is our Head Pancake Chef, while me and the kids are in charge of the fillings.  We put all the ingredients out on the table so everyone can make their pancake as individual as they wish.

At Nanny's house, Danny is the Man of the House so he got to toss the pancakes!  He follows his Daddy and was a natural-no pancakes on the floor or ceiling yet!

Danny Boy Flip Pancake                      Danny Flip Pancake

This year our filling choices were: sugar, lemon, chocolate chips, raisins, banana, strawberries, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, Nutella, strawberry sauce, chopped nuts and squirty cream or ice cream.

Pancake Day Chocolate Chips Pancake Day Raisins Pancake Day Bananas Pancake Day Strawberries Pancake Day Lemon Pancake Day Lemon

I helped Isabelle make hers.  As I offered her each filling, she nodded enthusiastically or shook her head adamantly to let me know exactly what she wanted.

Here is her Fruity Pancake:  Strawberries, Banana and Raisins.

Pancake Day Fruity Pancake

She ate all the fruit, put her pancake on her head and laughed her little head off!  

Caitlyn enjoyed making her own Saucy Pancake:  Maple Syrup, Nutella, Squirty Cream, Choc Chips and Chocolate Sauce.

Pancake Day Saucy Pancake

Rebecca's Strawberry Smile Pancake:  Strawberry Sauce, Strawberries and Squirty Cream.

Pancake Day Strawberry Smile Pancake

Danny's Choc Nutty Pancake:  Golden Syrup, Nutella, Squirty Cream, Choc Chip and Chopped Nuts.

Pancake Day Choc Nut Pancake

Pancake Day Basic Simple Sugar and Lemon PancakeI started off with a Simple Sugar and Lemon pancake.  This filling brings back memories of all past pancake days when I was just a child.  Despite all our new fancy fillings, sugar and lemon is still my favourite.

However, I then went on to treat myself to a more indulgent choice of filling, Chocolatey Claire's Nutty Pancake:  Nutella, Strawberries, Squirty Cream, Choc Chip, Chopped Nuts and Chocolate Sauce.

Pancake with chocolate strawberry and squirty cream
Oh, it was delicious! 

Pancake with chocolate strawberry and squirty cream rolled crepe

However, after stuffing my face full of pancakes I'm afraid I couldn't summon the enthusiasm to look at photos of pancakes let along write about them!  I had to give myself a few pancake free  days!  Sorry!

Which of our pancakes would you choose to eat?  What's your favourite filling?  Are you a pancakes once a year only or all year round pancake eater?!


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