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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Happy Blogversary to me! :-)

cava chocolate

Hurrah! ... Pop! 

It's my Blog's First Birthday today!

I meant to celebrate with buying my fifth baby it's very own vanity URL...but I haven't...yet!

I was going to update my Blog Design...well I did, but it's not the look I meant to go for so I'm still working on that!

So I thought instead, I'd celebrate with champagne and birthday cake!  Oh b**l**k*s, there's no pennies left in the budget for that... but local shop cava and chocolate will go down nicely too!

Yeah!  "Happy Birthday to me" (says Blog!).

Yes, one year ago today, I wrote my very first Blog Post here, "All Change Again!"  In the post, I confess that I can never  "ever seem to get into the swing of keeping a blog."

However, I have to say, "By Jove, I think she's got it!" 

OK, I'll be the first to admit that I don't post as often as I would like too.  The majority of our lives and adventures get unpublished, but at least once a week at least a photo, or  a story or some aspect of our life is recorded as a digital memory to keep, so I think I'm doing OK.

It used to annoy me -  all the days out, precious memories and all the funny things my family say that I hadn't blogged,  but I have to remember that it is more important to ENJOY those moments than worry whether on not I have blogged about it!

But I am always thinking about this little blog.  It has become such a big part of our lives.  The kids ask can certain pictures, photos and outfits be included on "Our Blog."


Well done kids for winning Toys R Us vouchers in another comp today!

Every day of our lives could be summed in in over twenty blog posts.  I don't have the time to record it all.  

What did I do today?

Took big kids to breakfast club.

Went Supermarket.

Gave Isabelle her breakfast and got her ready for creche.

Took Dave to work.

Made these lovely fabric flowers at our morning course (Tsunami Kanzashi).

fabric floral hairbands

Got Jo.

Had dinner.

Went to choir.  

Got back the first CD we recorded.

Sang new songs.

Joint organised our Choir Singathon for Comic Relief (there will be a whole post dedicated to that!).

Picked up kids.

Went to swimming lessons.

Got Dave.

Home, tea, bath and bed. 

Cleared up, lunchboxes, uniforms.

Then finally, I could dedicate you, my dear little neglected blog, some attention!

So cheers to my first year of blogging and may there be many more blogging years to come!  

with lots and lots of love always,


Disclaimer:  When I first set up this Blog, I didn't know the Blogging Community or Parent Blogging Community existed!  I didn't realise how many opportunities, blogging would offer me!  Thank you to everyone who Blogs for inspiring me or helping me on my way!  Can't wait to meet some of you at Blog Camp, Brit Mums and maybe even CybHer!


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