Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Family Portraits- a glimpse of one moment in time

Evans-Critten Family Portrait

I love to look at my past photographs.  I am immediately taken back to the time when that photograph was taken.

I've had a camera since I was very young and I can remember asking my mum to send off rolls of film to be developed.

Since having children and the invention of Digital Cameras, I take more and more photos every day and record as many memories as I can.

I love this photo, it is the first photo I have of my four children together when Isabelle was just a newborn baby.

How times change in the space of a year.  When she was a baby, her older siblings would argue over who could cuddle her first when they got home from school.  Now, she decides who gets her cuddles, she'll run up to her chosen sibling for a cuddle, but run away if she's not in the mood for one!  Of course, now she sits with them at the table for meals, joins in our craft activities and is always playing with at least one of her siblings when they are home.  They help her with jig saws, build her towers from blocks and love  singing and dancing with her.

She still likes squeezing noses!

Here, big brother Danny is holding baby Isabelle so tenderly.  "Little Big" sister, Caitlyn is gently touching Isabelle's head and looking at Isabelle with pure love.  Isabelle is safe and warm in her sibling's embrace and already showing her cheeky tendencies by squeezing Caitlyn's nose-much to her delight!  "Big Big" sister Rebecca looks very excited to have a new baby sister and happy to be part of her family.  In the next photo, she is also cuddled into Danny, which is so sweet.  

There were so many wonderful photos and memories that it was very hard to choose.  I am entering in the "Family Portrait" category.


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