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Monday, 26 November 2012

Something magical in the air


Hello All,

It is still November, but I can no longer deny that Christmas is on it's way!  There is something magical and exciting in the air!

We were driving past the Memorial Gardens last week, when the kids excitedly pointed out that Baby Jesus was already in the stable!  It was pitch black, and the lights are not being turned on until 1st December, but we had to go and have a look.


It was the first time Isabelle had seen our local Nativity scene.


One year there was a town Jesus was stolen from his crib!   It all happens here, I tell you!

We also went to the school Christmas Fayre last week, which is always our first traditional visit to Santa.

I treasure these annual photos with Santa at the school grotto.  They show how our family has grown and extended over the years.  Our first photo has a tiny, poorly Danny before he had his third operation, six years later, our photo shows a handsome, big, strong boy with his three little sisters.  How times change!

 At the weekend, we went to Santa's Grotto at Folly Farm, as we are reviewing this attraction this week.


The kids were all so well behaved, Santa was lovely and we all had a brilliant day.  Santa told us to pick Isabelle up at four o'clock, as he was so comfy cuddling her and she was quite happy to stay there!


Rebecca is writing a little diary about what she does every day.  She also writes Christmas cards and makes Christmas pictures every day.


Here is her gym badge that I mentioned last week.  The certificate is a bit worse for wear as she bought it into school to show during assembly, then scrunched it in with her PE kit on the way home!


Danny and Rebecca took their Merit certificates home tonight.  They look quite funny as Danny is in his pyjamas and Rebecca is dressed as Blush.  That's what happens when you get awarded a Merit on Children in Need day!


I'm not sure what new vocabulary about Weddings she suggested, but I hope she wasn't influenced by her Daddy's view on Weddings!

 Rebecca found out today that she is going to be Mrs Christmas in her Christmas play, so she started learning her lines tonight.

I love to hear them singing Christmas songs at this time of year.  It sounds so sweet. 

I wish people wouldn't get so stressed about buying and wrapping presents at this time of year.  I wish everyone would slow down and listen to the story and message of Christmas and listen to children singing carols.  

We have started reading our Christmas story books as well, as last year I didn't start until December and then found we didn't have enough time to fit them all in.  

The kids have asked can they each buy a toy to donate to local children in need this year, so we will choose those gifts this week and donate them to PATCH (Pembrokeshire Action To Combat Hardship).

The weather is getting colder, but not as cold as I usually find it this time of year.  I haven't had to defrost the car yet!  It has been more wild than anything.  We did have flooding in some parts of Pembrokeshire, but nothing like in Cornwall and other areas.   Update:  There are floods in North Wales too.

I hope you are all safe (and dry!) where you are! 

I will upload a photo of school counsellor Danny as soon as flickr will let me!

I hope you're all enjoying this pre-advent part of Christmas!




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