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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mum's Birthday in the City: St David's, The Smallest City


Hello All, 

Last year, for my Mum's sixtieth birthday, we went to Cardiff, this year we celebrated at a very different Welsh city...
St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

St Davids is the closest city from where I live, it only takes forty minutes to get there.  However, St David's is a city with a difference, with a population of just 1600, it is the smallest city in the United Kingdom. It has been classed as a City for centuries, thanks to the Cathedral, but in 1995, the Queen officially granted it City Status.

Sunday started off as quite a stressful day for me.  I couldn't find my car keys and needed to take Danny to the Remembrance Service. Mum and sisters came to the rescue and took Danny down town to take part in the parade and service with Cub Scouts.  They said he did us all proud, as always!

I eventually found my keys, in my welly, as you do!

So, we were off to St Davids, for a surprise Pub Lunch with Mum.  We had lovely food at the Bishops Bar.   The staff were really friendly and helpful.  They made me up a veggie burger, even though it wasn't on the menu and Danny loved his Prawn starter.  He is still talking about how lovely it was and now wants to return to the Bishops for his birthday, next year!  He was so sweet, when the waitress collected his plate, thanking her and telling her how tasty his starter was!  Mum and Ceri enjoyed their Sunday Roast.

We then had ice cream for our pudding!  I love Mary's Farmhouse "Celtic Crunch"!




The Poppy Wreaths, laid earlier that morning.


Walking through the Gate House and Bell Tower to the Cathedral, as always the kids ran ahead, hid in the alcoves and jumped out at us as we walked past, feigning surprise!


The stunning site of the Cathedral always takes my breath away.  My Mum has a gorgeous painting of this view, in the Springtime, with lots of Daffodils, which was painted by our friend, George Thomas.


It looks serene and peaceful, but if you look closely, you may see four crazy kids running down the hill towards the Cathedral.  After an hour or so in the pub, having a civilized lunch, trying to sit nicely and be fairly quiet, they were ready to let off steam, also known as, running around like loonies!


Mum and I walked the long way around with Isabelle in her buggy.  We were so relieved when we saw Ceri, catch the younger girls before they ran into the Cathedral by themselves!  That could have been interesting!


We usually all look around the Cathedral, but the younger girls were so wound up they needed to play outside, so Danny had a look around with Nanny. 



The Cathedral lies on the River Alun.  There is a footbridge connecting the Cathedral to the Bishop's Palace.


Rebecca waiting for her horse!

It never came!

Some people say The Bishop's Palace is a ruin due to the first Protestant Bishop of St Davids stripping the palace's lead roof to pay for his daughter's dowry. As fewer Bishops made use of the Grand Building, the upkeep was unfortunately not kept up.


Danny by the water's edge.

A side view of the Cathedral.


I took lots of photos of the girls playing a "troll" game under the bridge and playing outside while we waited for Nanny and Danny, I can't believe that I deleted them before they were saved to the laptop! 

Anyway, they played nicely there and had fun.  Just before we had to go home though Caitlyn gave me quite a scare.  We were on the top part of the Cathedral grounds and she went running up to the railings, from which there is a drop.  I shouted and shouted, but she would not listen to stop.  She reached the railings and sat down, looking at the view and the river from the height she was at.   She had a leg either side of the vertical railing, so from her point of view, she was completely safe.  But, from my over-protective-mother-who-is-scared-of-heights perspective, I was terrified!  I didn't want to run at her, in case she ran from me and fell into the drop, I didn't want to not do anything!  I was so relieved when she walked away from this drop.  She didn't come immediately to me however, she ran around to Jo and Danny, who helpfully brought her back to me.  I equally chastised her for not listening and doing something which was dangerous and hugged her so tight with relief and love for her.  

In hindsight, I can't believe I had to raise my voice in such  a sacred, peaceful place, but that's what kids can do to you (mine anyway!).

Then, we were all cold, tired and ready to go home.

I can't wait to go back there for the full day again, as I love to explore the Cathedral, find the Devil's footprints, roam the Bishop's Palace and soak in the magic at St Nons.

What special sacred or historic sites do you like to visit?  I love Castles and have visited lots of them, but I still haven't ticked off every castle in Pembrokeshire yet!





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