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Friday, 2 November 2012

Happy Halloween #NaBloPoMo Day 2

halloween instacollage 2 

Hello All,

I'm back for day two of #NaBloPoMo November!  Are you as surprised as I am?!

It was Halloween or Samhain on Wednesday (as I'm sure you were aware!).

I love all festivals that mark the change of seasons and encourage families to get together.  However I don't like the increasing commercialism of nearly every festival we have in the UK.  It can really spoil things and I would hate for any children to not be included if they couldn't afford it.    So, this year we had a "No Spend" Halloween.  The only part of it that I regretted was I didn't buy a pumpkin, but we've seen them everywhere else, so a little part of me is already "over pumpkins" for this year anyway!

However, I do love Pumpkin Soup and Pumpkin Pie from when we carve them!  :-( Mmm...  Maybe next year we'll justify buying one again as they are food!

I asked the kids what they wanted to be, Danny chose "A maniac with a chainsaw", Rebecca wanted to be a "Vampire" and Caitlyn chose (as I expected!) to be a pirate.  I decided (for simplicity) Isabelle would be a cat!

So, we had a look through our dressing up box, then we raided our old clothes.  Danny cut up clothes he had grown out of and bloodied them with face paint.  We made a "no sew tu tu" to jazz up Rebecca's skirt for her vampire costume.  I had to make Isabelle a cats tail and cats ears on a head band.

Rebecca also made a bat necklace while Dave helped Danny to make his chain saw.

We already had the face paint to turn my beautiful, angelic (sigh!) children into gruesome little Devils!

halloween instacollage

Even the Lego turned a bit spooky!


We normally make something crafty or to eat (Halloween cakes or biscuits) to bring around to the family we call on.  Well, I admit that we didn't this year.  Since having Isabelle I've had to cut back on some activities time wise.  It makes me feel bad, but I'm sure as she grows older and relies on me less I can have a bit more time to give to other people again.

We don't go "Trick or Treating", we just visit family, first to Great Granny and Great Grampy; then to Granny and Grampy's (Great Nan, Aunty Eileen and Aunty Suzanne were there too, so that was our treat) and then to see my Mum (Nanny), Aunty Jo, Cousin Cerys and Aunty Ceri.  

We had a lovely night with lovely company.

Nanny had decorated her house and had took the time to make Halloween Cakes, hot dogs and set up games for the children.  

Here is Danny.




Caitlyn with her cousin Cerys.


Isabelle and Daddy.

Isabelle and me (with Caitlyn in background).

A lovely family portrait of us all!

halloween all

Rebecca, Danny and Caitlyn.


Here, the Evans-Crittens wish you a Happy Halloween (sorry Mummy uploaded it a bit late!).

We enjoyed Apple and Onion Bobbing,a fancy dress competition that the kids organised and ended the party at Mums with a hilarious fancy dress parade as we left!

We also have a cupboard full of sweets now (shh!  Don't tell the dentist!)

See you tomorrow with a post about our fun on the beach this week!



NaBloPoMo November 2012

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