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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Evans-Crittens Rock (on the Beach!) #NaPoBloMo Day 3


Hello All,

On Monday night, when it was very cold, dark and the tide was in, Caitlyn asked could we go to the beach to eat our tea.  I asked her if she'd like to have a little picnic on the beach the following day when it would be lighter, warmer and more space to play on the beach and (thankfully) she agreed!

So, on Tuesday we packed a few sandwiches, crisps and fruit and walked down the road to the beach.  As I've explained in previous posts, there are lots of gorgeous, award winning beaches in Pembrokeshire and we do like to visit them too, especially for "proper" beach days out with a paddle and a swim, but as Gelliswick is our nearest beach we do like to frequent it for a different sort of beach day.

Pembrokeshire Yacht Club is nearby so the large slipway is often used for launching boats.  There are normally rowing and sailing activities going on to watch too.  


Danny enjoys watching people fish on the beach and many a kind fisherman have seen his interest and let him take a turn at fishing.  He loves seeing their slow worm bait!  He does not get this interest from me!

Some days we investigate the rock pools and look for blennies, crabs, lobsters, starfish and all the different creatures we find living there.  Other days we look for pebbles, driftwood, shells and sea glass for craft projects.

On Tuesday, the kids asked to go to the sandy side of the beach.  This is the Fort side. 

When, we first arrived the Port Authority were setting flares off across the water as a training exercise, then some local "yoof" started setting fireworks off from the fort.  Then, we saw the Police drive up to the Fort, and the fireworks stopped.  Most of us locals are hoping that CADW are going to step in to maintain the fort and I hope one day it will be (legally) open to the public again.

I kept warm with a flask of coffee.  I'm going to start making flasks of warm milk or hot choc for the kids on our days out now, as it's getting so cold.


We ate our sandwiches on the steps by the wall.


Then we rock climbed.



The kids played lots of made up games.

They danced on the sand. They  Followed different foot and paw prints in the sand.




They wrote in the sand and drew pictures with a stick.  They sat on rocks and listened to the waves, they watched the Ferry pass by.


They pretended they were tight rope walkers.



I ran around taking photos!


Then sat down for a rest.  I sang a few songs to Izzy, her favourite song is "Row, row, row your boat" at the moment, so that was apt by the sea.  We watched the tide coming in.  As Izzy and I were mesmorised by the waves coming in and the sound of the sea, Izzy fell asleep and I have to admit my eyes were starting to feel heavy too.

Then we spotted some school friends, so the kids had a quick play with them while us Mums chatted, and we walked back up from the beach together.

It was another lovely half term day!  A nice cheap "no spend" day too!

 Where are your favourite spots to visit close to wear you live?

I've got a get ready for Halloween again tonight as Dave has organised (and his band are playing at) a Halloween Gig.  I still don't know what I'm going to wear!

Then, the kids have a Halloween Party tomorrow, and Halloween will make way for Guy Fawkes night!

See you all tomorrow,



NaBloPoMo November 2012


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