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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Evans-Crittens at Folly Farm #NaBloPoMo Day 6


Hello All,

During Half Term, we visited another local attraction, Folly Farm.  Mum generously used her Tesco vouchers to buy our tickets.  Our own Tesco vouchers have gone down a lot recently, so I am obviously spending less at Tesco! You can exchange £5 of Tesco vouchers for £20 worth of Folly Farm vouchers so they are really good value.  

For a family of two adults and two children it will cost £36 for a day out in Folly Farm, or less than ten pounds worth of Tesco vouchers. 

If you are holidaying in Pembrokeshire, then I would personally recommend that you use Tesco vouchers to buy your Folly Farm tickets.  Then claim a Boomerang Ticket while you are in Folly Farm.   You cannot use Tesco Vouchers to pay for your Boomerang visit.  However, a return visit is half price so it will only cost £18 for your second visit.

That means you can enjoy two fun filled days in Pembrokeshire for just £54 cash or Tesco vouchers plus £18.  We count ourselves lucky that we live nearby as there is too much to do there to fit it all in during one day.  

For us locals however, an Annual Pass could work out to be better value.  If you could use Tesco vouchers to purchase these then I would have got one ages ago!  A season ticket for a family of four (not like us!) would be £110, or £99 if you purchase online Passes are  valid for a year from the date that you buy them, so you can purchase them at any time of the year.  If you are going to visit more than three times than they are worth your while.   I currently visit at least five times a year.  I like to go during half terms, Easter Holidays, Summer Holidays, at Halloween and at Christmas.  If I had an annual pass, I would definitely visit more often.

There is plenty to do whatever the weather.  When the weather is fine, then we make the most of seeing the Zoo animals, our favourites are the Giraffes (the only ones in Wales!)and Zebras.  We are very excited that Penguins will be arriving next year, during Spring 2013.


The kids love the outdoor play areas at Folly Farm and would happily just play in them all day when it is dry.

During our last visit, they spent a lot of their time playing in the Destruction Playground.


It is a sandpit with lots of construction themed climb on and ride on toys.  My little builders loved it!

Even, the grown ups love the play areas at Folly FarmHere is Jo on the digger!


They love these sand diggers.  I really want one for our sand pit at home, as they are really good for improving children's co-ordination.  My friend has one in her sand pit that she picked up at a car boot sale.  I have not been that lucky!

The Dragon and Pirate's Adventure Play Area are usually a popular part of the day too.  I always tell my kids to stay playing in one area at a time there, as I don't want to lose sight of them and it can be hard to see them on busy days!

 Danny loves the Go-Karts on Follystone Race Track and the Big Dig with one and a half ton CAT MIni Diggers.

Here are the girls on the Pedal Tractors.


We always bring a picnic with us, as Nanny (my mum) makes the best picnics ever!  However, Folly Farm do have lots of lovely places to eat.  My favourite is the Ploughman's Restaurant.  I also love the veggie burgers at The Grilled Burger Company, but they are only open during Peak Season.  Folly Farm even have a licensed bar.  If you are staying at a nearby campsite, such as Stone Pitt, you can enjoy a local beer in the bar and walk home to your caravan- (we did this ourselves while we stayed there in the past)!

Isabelle enjoyed her picnic.

As, you know she loves her Sophie the Giraffe toy, so she is always excited to see the real Giraffes at Folly Farm.


Wow!  They take my breath away!

Rebecca loved dancing to the African music, which was played in the African area.  The other kids soon joined in!



Every time we revisit Folly Farm, we notice something is new or improved.   This time we found the new Giraffe Heights walkway.

When you stand on the platform, you are head to head with the tall giraffes.  This was wonderful at first.  We tiptoed there quietly, waited patiently and felt so excited when we saw the Giraffes and Zebras coming tentatively towards us.

Then, a crowd of people saw that we were about to have this quiet, personal meeting with the Giraffes so they ran bounding up the walkway (I thought Folly Farm had acquired a herd of elephants) and scared the Giraffes.  It was such a shame.  I understood why they were excited, we were too, but if you visit an animal park please respect the animals.

Click on the link above to "Giraffe Heights Walkway" and you will see how lovely the experience can be when visitors take care to not frighten the giraffes!  Beautiful!


 The zebras are stunning too. You get a lot closer to them with the new walkway, so it is overall a much welcomed addition to the park.



These are also new- Red River Hogs...


...just like Pumbaa in the Lion King!

Rebecca's reflection in the Red River Hog's House.

There are over fifty species at Folly Zoo.

Other mammals include ocelots, lemurs,  ostrich, Bactrian Camel, Bongo, Fossa, Lemurs, Meerkats and many more.  There are also Macaques and Marmosets, which are always entertaining to watch!

They have a large number of birds,  including Danny's current favourite, the eagle owl.
We also love to see the reptiles (we cried years ago when we heard that  Jake the much loved Iguana had died of old Iguana age!) and amphibians.  We have two Albino African Clawed Frogs of our own at home. 

The Jolly Barn and Folly Interactive are all under cover, so perfect for whatever the weather.  I do miss bottle feeding the lambs, which used to be the highlight of the day, but my kids love the extra play zones there are now inside the Jolly Barn.

The cuddly giant rabbits.


Caitlyn having a lovely moment with a goat! 



You can guess what was happening to me while I concentrated on taking this photo!  Yes, my coat was being nibbled by another hungry goat while passers by laughed!

It was very funny!  I never learn, I warn the kids (I mean my own children not goat kids!) to not go too near them, then break the rules myself!


I loved this pony!


This is Caitlyn watching Farmer Glyn's mouse and cockroach "infestation".  A very clever way to display these creatures.

Caitlyn on the toilet?


No!  I would not take a photo of that!"  This is Caitlyn perching on the spooky toilet with a pretend spider inside!  She is intrigued with this every time we visit!

There is now a Sensory Garden, perfect for all adults and children, but of course, so beneficial for children with special needs and sensory issues.


Now, we are into the colder months, it is nice to be able to go indoors to the Follies Theatre or the Funfair to warm up!  The kids love the rides at the Vintage Fair.


Danny on the Disco Twists.

Dodgems/bumper cars.

Carousel Woods, an enormous indoor play area is situated within the Vintage Fun Fair.  

Top tip:  Grab a coffee while the kids play in there!
Another essential tip:  Label your children as soon as you get there, just in case!

We really had a lovely time (again!) at Folly Farm!




Jo and kids on the Land Train.

This leads to a nature walk which is open during the good weather, Summer months.  We enjoyed resting our legs on our travel around the Country Park, where we saw horses, deer and other animals.

I can't wait until our Christmas visit to see Santa in the Folly Farm Grotto!

What would you be most looking forward to seeing at Folly Farm, or if have already visited, what is your favourite part?



I've just seen they now have Giraffe and Penguin keeper experiences!  That would be a lovely present for the kids!
NaBloPoMo November 2012


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