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Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday Woes

It's only Monday and I feel like I'm failing already. The house is a mess as usual, and I am really struggling to keep on top of it. I can't even clear one area just for my sanity.

However, I am trying.

We're skint as always. This doesn't usually bother me as I know lots of people are in the same situation but I do worry this time of year.

So I felt very conscious today that while we're busy trying to sort the house and finances I've not done anything really worthwhile or fun with the kids lately, since our short break away.

We stayed in this weekend due to rain and poorly kids and this is probably the reason I'm partly feeling down.

So I've just asked the kids what FREE fun activities they would like to do this week.

Danny wants us to play in  the local park.

Rebecca wants to play at our beach down the road.

Caitlyn wants to walk through the woods.

All lovely, easily planned things to do after school this week. Just by planning to do these things I feel happier already.

I don't know why I had a 'panic', even without the beach, woods and the park we would have had a fun week.

Tuesday, we will be swimming (activities are already paid for). Wednesday, I'm painting a mural with Caitlyn at school, then craft with Danny.  Ballet on Wednesday and Gymnastics on Thursday.

It's Rebecca's birthday Friday and we'll also be celebrating on Sunday.

Isabelle didn't say what she would like to do  but I'm sure cuddles, songs and stories as usual will keep her happy.

So basically, it's just going to be a normal week, as we do normally hit either the park, beach or woods at least once a week, but after a weekend and a day with cabin fever, I'm really looking forward to the promise of  these activities this week.
Looking forward to a new day and a clean sheet tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll appreciate and enjoy the rest of October more!


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