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Friday, 7 September 2012

What we got up to in the Summer Holidays?


Well as usual I'm a week behind everyone else with their "Summer Holiday" Blog Posts, but I wanted to do a quick summary of what we got up to anyway.

I did (naively) think that once school started I would have lots of spare time to blog.

But, no, when you think about it only Danny and Rebecca go to school full time, so I still have "half my kids" at home, so no more "spare" time for me!  Not sure why I even thought this, I think it must have been up there in my thoughts/dreams along with having a big house and winning the lottery!

We started off the holidays, enjoying the few sunny days we had, playing in the garden.  We painted and played with moon sand. 

Played in the sandpit and in our water table.

 We did some gardening.

We watched our caterpillars grow into Butterflies. We made a garden for our ladybirds to live in.

2012-08-18 18.35.34

We painted our recycled school chairs.

We played with Toby Dog in Nanny's garden.

2012-08-30 18.25.37

2012-08-30 18.23.48

2012-08-30 18.50.12

We went to Great Granny and great Grampys.

2012-08-11 16.58.51

2012-08-11 16.59.25

We played down at our "local beach" just a short walk down the road.

We also went to Milford Beach to explore and then"proper" beaches like Broadhaven, to swim and make sandcastles.

2012-08-09 14.06.30

2012-08-09 14.26.53

We played in the park.

2012-09-03 11.35.23

2012-09-03 11.26.43

2012-09-03 11.22.16

2012-09-03 11.16.47

We went to the library every week for The Summer Reading Challenge.

2012-08-22 20.24.45

2012-08-22 15.26.15


Danny had cub camp for four nights.  He loved it!  I missed him lots, especially on my birthday!

 Dave and I went to Carmarthen with friends to see Spiderman 3D.  Dave and I also watched Batman at the Torch Theatre.

The kids and I enjoyed Ice Age 4 at the the Torch.

2012-08-14 12.34.22

I had a lovely, boozy, Italian fun filled night with Mum, Jo and Ceri for my birthday.  Can't wait to do it again!

Danny took part in an Olympic Camp with Cubs.

He also went on a few days out with his friends at Activity Extra.  He visited Folly Farm, where he met The Scarlett's Rugby Players, Heatherton, Phoenix Bowl, Clerkenhill and the Dinosaur Park. 

As a family we went to Scolton Manor.

2012-08-13 14.09.41

2012-08-13 13.58.19

We saw the new Rhinos at Manor House Wildlife Park.  They were lovely.  So graceful and light on their feet!  I can't wait to see them again!

The kids all had Intensive Swimming Lessons.

We  went to Oakwood Theme Park.  We had an amazing day and night there.  I genuinely had forgotten how much fun it is there.  We ran from ride to ride just like we did when we were kids ourselves.  We're planning on going back soon for an adults only day out so we can go on all the "big rides" again.
2012-08-15 17.03.59

We went to The Ocean Lab, Goodwick.  We enjoyed the park, beach and best ice cream van ever!  We laughed as I accidentally drove into the Ferry Port instead of the Ocean Lab Car park.  This could have made for a day out in Ireland instead of Goodwick!

2012-08-10 15.48.35

2012-08-10 15.41.05

2012-08-10 15.31.09

2012-08-10 15.16.19

We went to the Dam, Llys Y Fran Reservoir.   As well as enjoying the stunning waterfall, we enjoyed the woodland walk, played "Dinosaurs" and took some time out in the Children's Remembrance garden there.  

2012-08-16 15.35.15


Dave had to do PA a few weekends at Tenby, so we played on the beach enjoying the music, venturing up to the stage for the kids entertainment.

We've had lazy days watching DVD's, playing on the XBOX and Nintendo DS.

2012-09-03 18.39.53

Lastly, this was the Summer of the Olympics and Paralympics, London 2012.  Of course, we marvelled at the Opening Ceremony along with the rest of Britain...(and the World?) and enjoyed watching the Sporting Events too.  

2012-08-12 21.00.37

2012-08-12 22.04.36

I think it's a shame that the Paralympics are still on whilst the kids are back in school, but that's how it is, so they're missing most of that unfortunately.

Danny had some Gym Practices this Summer, ready for his next Competition.

And now, we're all back to school!

I hope you all had a lovely Summer, there's so much I wanted to do and places I wanted to visit, I've got to make the most of the weekends now the kids are back in school!




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